Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Popup Shop Taking Shape

A few evenings ago, while enjoying the samples of Vin Bin wines at Maple Lodge in the Hamptons, I got chatting with a couple of fellow tasters. I already knew Dan as vice chair of the Hamptons residents' association but I was also introduced to his wife, Kim who it seemed had just sent me an email.

(Actually I chatted with quite a few very pleasant people but this story begins with this conversation.)

Kim is the assistant manger at the Kingston clothing emporium Taking Shape and it seems she will be hosting a Taking Shape Popup Shop (they're all the rage these days) in the very same Maple Lodge this coming Saturday and Sunday.

Taking Shape was originally an Australian company which now has 160 stores across Australia, New Zealand and the UK and specialise in sizes 14-26.

Having originated in Australia myself it is nice to see an Aussie brand doing well. It turned out that Kim and Dan were also ex-pats from the big old country down under although that didn't have anything to do with Kim working for the company over here.

Either way, if you are looking for some fashion ideas, like the look of Taking Shape and are free this weekend, you only need to pop into Maple Lodge in the Hamptons to have a look at what Kim and the Taking Shape team have to offer.

They'll be open from 10am until 5pm both days.