Sunday, 21 December 2014

Let There Be Lights For Christmas

There has been much rumbling this year about the Central Road (and Windsor Road) Christmas lights (or lack thereof). The lights which are now working look really good but have been switched on in dribs and drabs and not all of them in time for important occasions like the Worcester Park Christmas Late Night.

Having seen a few 'strongly worded open letters', spoken to more than one local councillor, a few local traders and other interested parties I can report that efforts have been, and are continuing to be made to sort the problem out, but many people feel that it has not been good enough - especially when compared to areas like Stoneleigh or Kingston.

Many readers will remember that last year, numerous trees in Central Road had fairy lights put in them but only about half of these were ever switched on. It transpired that apparently whoever did the work *forgot* that theses needed to be plugged into actual electrical outlets (usually reached via street lighting poles). As a result, no one was able to get all the lights up and running in time and after the season had passed, it dropped down the list of priorities for the then councillors.

It has been suggested that with six new councillors in the area, they hadn't realised the extent of the problem early enough. One local councillor admitted that mistakes had been made but that they were working very hard to rectify these. And indeed they did manage to get most of the main 'lamp post decoration lights' on by the Christmas Late Night. This posting would read rather differently had they not achieved this...

A few nights ago more of these were switched on further down Central Road. However the problem of the rest of the 'tree fairly lights' is still to be addressed. Windsor Road was last night bereft of the little twinkles as many trees still are.

I hear that Sutton's Town Centre Manager has been working very hard to get this sorted out (with much pressure from local councillors) but is finding it like 'banging his head against a brick wall' to get the job done. Perhaps the contractors are not up to the job...

Either way, I have heard that the full set of lights will be on by Christmas. And that next year things will be much better organised.

Here's hoping on both counts.

In the meanwhile here's a shot of Leyfield (off The Manor Drive) which thanks to most of the residents, puts on a great display every year.

Unfortunately this picture doesn't really do it justice but you could always pop down and see for yourself...