Saturday, 20 December 2014

Kingfish To Rise Again

Numerous people have been asking the question "What is happening at the old Kingfish Restaurant?"

Since the demise of the fish and chip restaurant here, many people have noticed and reported the renovations going on within this prime piece of local real estate.

The blog can exclusively reveal that the premises is to become another Fish and Chip Restaurant. Not only that, it too will be called Kingfish!

It is a completely new business. It just so happens that the new owner, a very pleasant chap called Ismail, owns the Kingfish shop in The Triangle in New Malden - not far from Kingston Hospital and Norbiton Station. He told the blog:
"We will be offering a completely new menu which will include grilled and barbecued fish. There will be a takeaway section where the existing entrance is and the restaurant entrance will be through the main doors on the corner."
He is bringing in all new equipment and will be putting up new signage but will probably stick with the red and white theme.

Since a fish and chip business had just failed there, I asked why he thought another one in the same place would succeed. He answered that he was well aware of what happened to the old business and why it had failed - these people in the same industry all know what is going on. He said he will be running the business side of things differently.

The new restaurant/takeaway should be opening towards the end of January. Ismail said it would be opening around the 27th or 28th of January. If he can keep to this strict timetable he will be doing very well...

Update (16th January 2015)

It is worth noting that a licence has been applied for to sell alcohol on the premises. For those particularly interested in the fine details: the application can be found here.

Update (9th Feb 2015)

One week to go! According to this sign stuck in the shop window, they will be opening on the 16th February. This is only two and a half weeks later than planned, which, in the grand scheme of open shops, probably isn't too bad.

There has certainly been some work going on inside. Looking forward to tasting the wares when they become available.