Saturday, 13 December 2014

Festivities Part I - Christmas Late Night

Christmas Late Night came and went again with a bang (just like a giant balloon we brought home did in the middle of the night.)

This year the majority of the fairground style rides were in the Stone Place car park section behind Iceland. Last year we didn't really do the rides (WP Junior being a bit too young and me being a bit too skint) so didn't really notice the prices. But boy did I notice them this year. £2.50 for some of the rides...

Even so I did rather like the original hand cranked Merry-Go-Round outside KFC (as did my young companion.)

Anyway to cut a long story short - there was lots of stuff to do and like most people, we went around and did lots of it and had a good time. Below are a few pictures to augment this a little...

While once again it was brilliantly organised by the Worcester Park Traders' Association, it's a shame more of the local traders didn't take part. Had every shop been open and participating in some way, it just would have raised it up those few notches more. Still, I think (and hope) those that did benefited from being part of this wonderful community initiative.