Thursday, 11 December 2014

End Of An Appeal

As most readers are already aware, tomorrow (Friday 12th December) is the final day for the current Green Lane Mosque appeal hearing. This appeal which began over a year ago is almost certain to finish tomorrow as it is only the final summing up of the case by both sides. No new information may be introduced.

This will begin at 10am and this time is being held in Maple Lodge in the Hamptons (pictured below). This is a public event so please feel free to come along and listen to both sides as they sum up their arguments for and against the proposal. A good turnout will also show the inspector exactly how important this issue is to local people.

This final summing up will be followed by an official site visit so the inspector can see for himself the extent of traffic and parking problems in the area. This will be a walk around the area, probably starting around 11:30 and continuing for 2-3 hours. The reason for the timing of this is so the inspector can see what the area is like during the Friday lunchtime prayers, the time each week when the proposed Mosque would be most likely full to capacity.

There will be a limited group of people walking with the inspector which consists of the officials from both sides plus one representative of the people who spoke at the hearing on each side. Those who have spoken against the proposal have kindly asked me to represent them during this walk around so I shall have an opportunity to point out to the inspector the lack of available parking spaces in Green Lane, Central Road and the other roads off these roads and in the overall area nearby. We will also look at Stone Place car park to asses parking availability there and of course will be making a note of the volume of traffic in the area overall.

The appeal would have concluded at the last day of the hearing on Wednesday 19th November if the appellant's advocate and planning consultant hadn't resigned the previous day, leaving no one to do the summing up. However it does at least mean that the people of Worcester Park don't need to travel far to see how this appeal is concluded.

The final decision of the inspector will come several weeks later and everyone who has played an active role in this overall process should be sent a copy of this once the inspector has weighed up all the evidence and seen the situation for himself.