Saturday, 6 December 2014

Bazaar Christmas

or Scouting For Christmas Trees? 

Of the days when you can go out and enjoy some local entertainment while helping the local community, today rates reasonably highly on the scale.

Firstly there there a few Christmas Tree Sales on:

From 9am the 4th Worcester Park Scouts (cnr Balmoral & Breamar Roads) will be opening their gates so that you, dear reader can go along and purchase one of their many Christmas trees.

At the same time, if you are a little further south, the 4th Ewell (Nonsuch) Scouts will be doing the same (see poster left) over both this and next weekend. They are also offering home delivery and purchase online options.

Christmas Fairs:

From 11am Malden Parochial primary school (Manor Drive) is hosting its Christmas Fair. Everyone is welcome and invited for the miserly sum of 50p for which you can meet Father Christmas, enjoy lots of festive games along with a selection of stalls, a craft room, face painting and refreshments.

Then back at WP Scout headquarters at Balmoral & Breamar Roads, the Christmas Bazaar will begin at 12 noon. There are always plenty of bargains to be had at the various Scout bazaars, jumble sales etc. This promises to be just as good.

Then, if you're only just getting warmed up, there's the Christmas Fair at Christchurch with St Philip (corner Cheam Common Road and Ruskin Drive). This begins at 2pm and goes through 'til 4:30 and should once again be packed with Christmassy goodies and fun.

If you're part of the real hardcore that can go on all day, there is always the Vin Bin wine tasting at Maple Lodge in the Hamptons which begins at 3pm. Although this isn't for the financial benefit of the local community like the other offerings, I'm sure there are many members of the local community who will consider it 'beneficial'.

Go along and enjoy all the WP has to offer! (If you spot any other events around the place - please let me know!)