Monday, 1 December 2014

A Taste Of Vin Bin

Can we believe it's been a year and a half since we lost the Vin Bin?

Coincidentaly, the very week that the old Vin Bin premises (at car crash corner) has reopened as a Polish and Russian delicatessen (more on that soon), like a ghost awakening at the sense of strangers passing over it's territory, Vin Bin are back in Worcester Park for an evening of wine tasting this Saturday (6th December) at Maple Lodge in the Hamptons.

Miz and Aret are amazed a year has already passed since the last wine tasting and are really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Miz added
"Things have been moving along in 2014 and we now have Croatian and Italian offerings to boost our portfolio of Spanish and Austrian wines.
We will be showing some of our best sellers on Saturday, along with many others we hand picked especially for the festive season. 
Whether you love a well matched Chardonnay with your Christmas Turkey, a rich Malbec, or want to try something completely new, we've got it covered!"
The first cork is scheduled to be pulled at 3pm, with a continuance of uncorking going right through until 7pm.

They have even sent along a handy map to help people find their way to the event in the Hamptons. (Or perhaps to help them find their way home again afterwards...)

So be there or be sober...