Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Empty Plate

It has been rather sad to see Kingfish, looking ready to open its doors with tables all set for dinner, knowing no one would ever eat from them again. Over the last several weeks the plates and condiments have slowly acquired a thin layer of dust and tellingly the little flower decorations on each table have all wilted and died as the water in the vases has dried up with no one to care for them.

The landmark shop had been sitting in this museum like state since the beginning of September when it was unexpectedly (at least for us) repossessed by the owners of the premises.

Yet the inevitable alternative, which is perhaps even a bit sadder, came about last Monday as the shop was entered and cleared out, leaving no doubt whatsoever that Kingfish will not rise again.

And as a telegram from the awful pun department asks: "Does this bring us closure now?"...