Sunday, 16 November 2014


Last Sunday (9th November) Worcester Park did the memory of our fallen soldiers proud. In the hundredth year since the outbreak on WWI it was only right that people make an extra special effort to commemorate those who have made the ultimate sacrifice so that today we can live the life we choose in a country where we have that choice. It was good to see so many people rise to that challenge. Here is a selection of photographs and some video from the day.

This picture at the end, a large framed limited edition print, complete with the four rather special signatures including the SS Canberra Captain Scott-Masson’s (who was born in Carshalton Beeches) and that of Major-General Sir Jeremy Moore who took the Argentine surrender leading to the end of the Falkland's war, was donated and auctioned to raise money for the poppy appeal. You can see the second half of the auction here end of the auction here to find out what it went for...

Incidental the code name for the operation depicted was 'Operation Sutton'.

Many people enjoyed a drink and a bite afterwards in the Royal British Legion which was open to everyone for the day. It was good to see so many people taking part.