Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Last Bit Posponed

The Appeal against the Green Lane Mosque has again been adjourned however the end is now in clear sight.

Today's proceedings finished at around 1:45pm after it emerged that both the appellant's legal representation and key planning consultant had both resigned the previous day. This left the appellant's group with no experienced advocate so one of the other members of the team stepped up to the plate. Unfortunately no one was able to locate a spare copy of 'Planning Law For Beginners' but to give him his due he gave it his best shot.

The upshot of this is that we were able to quickly get through the rest of the proceedings up until the final summing up from both sides. As the new representative had previously not known he was going to be doing the summing up, or even quite what was required, the inspector adjourned the case so this chap could bone up on the requirements and get his speech together.

The remainder of the case, the summing up from both sides, will now be heard on Friday 12th December at 10am. The venue is still to be decided but it may possibly be either one of the halls at Christ Church with St Philip (Cheam Common Road) or Maple Lodge in the Hamptons.

This will be followed at around 12:45 pm by a formal site visit, not only of the site itself but also the various car parking areas and other relevant places that may have a bearing on the case. This is being done on a Friday around lunchtime so the inspector can see exactly what the traffic is like in the area during the time that would be Friday prayers, when the Mosque would be at full capacity. It is likely to be a long walk all around the area and take a couple of hours.

The group who have spoken against the application have been invited to send one representative to accompany the inspector during this long site visit and I am flattered that the group have asked me to do it.