Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas In The (F)Air

Well here we are in the final third of November and we have managed to hold off mentioning Christmas too loudly until now. However with Christmas fairs looming ominously in School diaries and other celebratory events charging towards us, it is probably time to break the silence and offer up a few signposts to local yule themed festivities.

The first on my list is the Dorchester Primary School's Christmas Fair which is taking place next Friday (28th November) straight after school from 3pm until 6pm.

There is actually another one on tomorrow (to be posted about next) but I must admit that I am somewhat obliged to give a bit of favourable treatment to the Dorchester one, not only because WP Junior is now a proud pupil there, but Mrs WP has embraced the school Mum spirit and having joined FODS (that's Friends of Dorchester School), is helping out with the organising (and the baking of rather a large number of cakes for the cake stall.) She also helped design this rather splendid poster - so as you can see, I'd better not procrastinate any further in getting the word out...