Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Fire Closes Old Malden Lane

Old Malden Lane was closed on Monday and Tuesday this week as a fire raged through what was apparently an old derelict house.

Several readers contacted the blog on Monday evening to say they could smell smoke and hear sirens. The section of road which includes The River Club was closed from around 7pm on Monday evening as fire fighters battled the blaze and was still closed to traffic on Tuesday afternoon.

An acrid smelling pile of burnt rubble is now all that is left of the old building now.

Gushing Response To Road Closure

Park Terrace and The Avenue has been closed from Malden Road for most of the day today after a mains water leak needed to be fixed urgently.

The leak was reported as a category 4 leak (not very urgent) last night but this was upgraded to category 1 (extremely urgent) when water started pouring through pavement cracks early this morning. The road was quickly closed off and the road dug up to allow the repairs to take place. The whole process from initial dig to reinstating the road surface would normally take several days but because this has involved actually closing a major(ish) road in one direction, they are under pressure to get it all finished by the end of today.

The leak has now been fixed and the hole should be back filled soon, hopefully with some sort of road surface on it before tomorrow morning.

See - they can do it when they try!

Friday, 24 October 2014

Wait Here

About a week ago I had a message from Lee, one of the owners of the new Bronco's restaurant in Central Road. She said:
"We are about 4 weeks away from opening and are now looking for local team members for Bronco's, please let Worcester Park know that we are recruiting for:Waiters, waitresses, children's party hosts, soft play team members, kitchen staff including chefs & porters. Please send CVs to"
I've been a bit busy this week so haven't been able to post much, so this would now mean they are about 3 weeks away from opening. Probably throwing open the doors mid to late November.

So if you are local person looking for a job - here is good opportunity!

As I have banged on about supporting local business before - here is a perfect example of why we should. Local businesses employ local people. The more successful they are, the more jobs are available for local people to do. Worcester Park prospers by having both more choices available and more people in employment. Everybody wins!

Indulge In Some Family Fun

With so many schools, churches and other local groups putting on fetes, carnivals and family fun days over the year, why shouldn't they be joined by a local eatery?

Indulgence Café, opposite the Plough will be treating Worcester Parkers to their own family fun day tomorrow (Saturday 25th October) from 11am 'til 3pm. Theo the Magician will be hosting the event with magic and other tricks and there will be a range of food and drink on offer for everyone to try.

The people who run café also run the Plough Green Pharmacy and as Vee Sharma, one of the owners told the blog, this is their event to:
"Promote our new menu and linking the two businesses with the motto 'Good Food = Good Health.'"
So during this short scarcity of local carnivals, why not take advantage and pop into Indulgence Café for a bit of family fun?

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Worcestish Pasties

There has been a lone street market stall poping up in Central Road outside Iceland every Saturday for the last few months and Mrs WP and I finally gave it a try last weekend.

S&S Pattiserie (note the Italian spelling with two t's and one s), run by Stephen Bradley has been a going concern since 1994. They make all their own products and sell them at various street and farmers markets as well as other special outdoor events.

What caught my eye though was that their address is printed on the banner at the back and it is a local business - Bridgewood Road no less.

All the products are made in a specially built kitchenette at the back of the address and sold via three market stalls at various locations. Regular locations include Dorking High Street outside Barclays bank and as Stephen told the blog:
"Worcester Park is right on the doorstep so we approached the council and got permission to set up in Central Road each Saturday. We are part of the farmers market when it comes to Worcester Park."
Amongst the goodies for sale were what they term as Surrey Pasties. These are no different to Cornish Pasties as far as ingredients and recipe is concerned - they're just not made in Cornwall so can't be called Cornish Pasties. However the one I tried was delicious and just as good as the Cornish variety.

Stone Place Welcomes Clumsy Drivers

There seems to have been a spate of bad driving recently in Stone Place. First the metal fence outside the library was knock out of shape. And now the fence near Lotus House has been remodelled.

Or perhaps these are just works of modern art and I am just not getting it.

Update (29th October 2014)

And here's another one spotted today:

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Lost Documents?

A few days ago I had a message from a blog reader regarding some found documents. She said her elderly father had found some important personal and historical documents lying in the road, one of them dating back over a century. They were found in Kingsmead Avenue.

If you have found yourself to be missing such documents please contact the blog. If you know what the documents were and the family name concerned I will put you in touch with the person who now has them.

Poppy Walk Today

The Royal British Legion have organised a sponsored poppy walk today to raise money towards next month's Poppy Appeal. The walk will be leaving the RBL in Central Road at midday and walkers will be heading up Cheam Common Road, down London Road and into Nonsuch Park. They will walk through the park to Cheam Gate and back up to Cheam Village where they will turn left along Malden Road and back to the RBL.

60 walkers have signed up and received sponsorship packs. However it is still possible to join the walk if you want and organise your sponsorship afterwards.

The RBL will be open to the public afterwards and there will be a live band, nibbles and the bar will be open.

This is only the second time this walk has been organised. The first one was two years ago which raised £4000. This one already has more walkers and they are looking at holding one every year from now on.

Post Walk

A managed to get a few snaps of the walkers in action and arriving back at the RBL afterwards. Here is a small sample...

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Arson Suspects Sought

Police have issued images of two youths wanted in connection with one of last month's skip fires in Stone Place car park.

Two males wearing hoodies were caught on CCTV starting the fire just after 2am on Wednesday 17th September. London Fire Brigade was called and managed to put the fire out.

The two lads returned at 3:23am but this time without their hoodies and accompanied by a girl.

If you happen to be are one of these individuals, or you know who they individuals are, please contact Sutton Police station on 101. Alternatively, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. If you see a crime being committed or someone is in danger always call 999.