Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tacky Taxis

For those wondering what became of the old Born Sushi shop in Windsor Road, the latest addition to our high street has just been revealed. And it's not the sort of shop front you're likely to miss.

Looking like the home page of the tackiest website you've ever seen, the only thing missing is a dozen flashing signs. Perhaps I shouldn't give them any more ideas...

Shop front 'before'
In case you hadn't worked it out from the shop front, the new business is a minicab office. Whether or not they are open for business yet is hard to tell. The signage all went up last week - it was apparently finished on Friday. However the door is locked and peering through a small gap in the signage reveals only a single unmanned desk. It has been suggested that it is a telephone only office and not a walk in one so we might never see it open.

A brief sounding of local opinion suggest that 'tacky' and 'over the top' appear to be the main first impressions given out by this new venture. I'd personally add 'gaudy' and 'tasteless' to the list.