Monday, 29 September 2014

Malfunction Overload

The new bridge and lifts at Worcester Park station were only opened at the very end of June. It is not even October yet and the lifts have already broken down twice. At least this time however the lifts have decided to inject a little humour into their failure. I'll allow blog reader Alex to continue the story from here. He writes:
"I recall the lift on the London bound platform broken down a little while ago, which some, (presumably those who contribute the least to the no doubt considerable capital investment) confidently dismissed as a ‘one off’.  
As I waited on the platform today, I heard an announcement coming from inside the bridge: “Lift overloaded! Please reduce the load!” At the top of the steps, I found the lift doors open. I had a camera with me and recorded a quick video – as you can see, there was no ‘load’ – the lift was quite empty. So that’s another ‘one off’ freak breakdown."

"The same brand new lift has now had two complete breakdowns. Frankly, I wouldn’t take my chances in there, particularly if I was on the last train of the evening – no matter how desperately I needed it!"
Hope springs eternal...