Saturday, 6 September 2014

Creston Way Bomb Scare

A suspicious item looking like a bomb left behind in a flat caused Carters Close and surrounding Roads to be evacuated on Thursday (4th September) afternoon.

The item in question was a bottle which contained a blue liquid and nails, and was connected to a circuit board and clock. It was left in a second floor flat in Creston Way (pictured right) after people moved out and was apparently spotted by someone from A2Dominion, the Housing Association landlord for the property when they went to inspect the flat. Police were called mid afternoon to the area and everyone was evacuated from Creston Way, Carters Close and the nearby area up to Clarkes Avenue. People were allowed back into their homes again after around 6:30 after the bomb disposal people had checked it was safe.

The door of the flat is now secured with a steel cover door. 
It looks as if the door behind had to be smashed open.
According to several people the flat was originally let to a couple who were apparently hard drug addicts and local beggars. It seems they then moved out and the woman's under-age children started squatting in there instead. Apparently the place was often being visited by many different youths and there had been a number of police raids on the flat during this time. Youths were sometimes spotted climbing out of the second floor flat windows to make quick escapes. Whoever was living there reportedly had little regard for other people living nearby.

This had apparently all been reported to A2Dominion but it seems they had been dragging their heels about getting rid of the antisocial tenants. It looks as if they moved out by themselves, leaving behind one last gift for all their neighbours. The device designed to look like a bomb to disrupt everyone's Thursday afternoon.