Sunday, 10 August 2014

We Shall Remember Them

Funeral Directors are supposed to be terribly stiff and dull aren't they? Well Alan Greenwood and Sons seem to break the mould a little as a local undertakers in North Cheam who are happy to be a little more prominent and commemorative - certainly in their window display.

Mags Johnson who manages the business is passionate about celebrating our fallen soldiers and has often got a patriotic display of one sort or another in the window. Right now the shop, which is opposite Langley Avenue on London Road has a display dedicated to the commemoration of our role in the Great War.

Mags is also passionate about animals (and also collects interesting telephones - some of which can also often be seen in the displays) and runs the annual free breakfast and coffee morning to raise money for the Battersea Dog and Cats Home.
Paul Scully presenting Mags Johnson with independent
trader of the year 4th place certificate last year.

The business seems to have gained quite a deal of respect from local people for their enthusiastic exhibitions, having finished in the top four in last year's independent shop of the year competition. Not bad for a funeral directors!

Of all the local shops I have seen commemorating the start of WWI, this one has most certainly put in the most effort.

I don't often ponder such things but I have found myself considering that if I were to shuffle of this particular mortal coil anytime soon, I'd be quite happy to have Mags and co sorting out the honours...