Saturday, 9 August 2014

Power Up For Bike Marking

Over the last few years Worcester Park's local police have been pretty good at giving people opportunities to get their bicycles marked and registered. However there are still many bikes out there that have not taken advantage of this deterrent against bike thrives.

So today from midday until 3pm the local police will be at Cyclepower on Central Road (just up the hill a bit on the right) offering this service for free.

Having your bike marked and registered enables the police to know that it's actually yours and return it to you if it gets stolen and recovered. They etch a unique code into the cycle frame and this is kept on a database together with the owner’s details. It's very quick and makes your bike less attractive to thieves as they can't claim, "Honest Guv, it's my bike...", when the etched code on it suggests otherwise.

Many stolen bikes are actually recovered but unless yours is marked, the police will have no way of knowing that and it would most likely go for auction instead of being returned to you.

Local PCSO Gary Weaving said:
"Members of your local policing team will be present, so come along, have your bike marked and registered for free and meet with us to discuss any issues you may have."
So get on yer bike and get down to Cycle Power today from lunchtime onwards...