Saturday, 9 August 2014

Oi, That's Not Your Shop

It seems that the people who opened up the Mac Repairs shop at the bottom of Central Road round the corner from the station rather cheekily sidestepped the issue of getting permission from the landlord first. It appears they merely took it upon themselves to enter the premises (perhaps by force) and set up a shop without paying rent in hopes that nobody would notice...

Notices appeared on the shop a few days ago saying that the landlord had reoccupied the premises. Tellingly the notice also says:
"Mac Repairs had no entitlement in law to possession of these premises."

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According to a nearby local trader, the same landlord owns all the shops there. Linays Commercial are the agents both for this shop and also for the old Cuppaholic shop further up which is up for sale. So with people around who know how to contact the landlords and their agents, it surely can't have been that hard to find out who to talk to about taking out a proper lease on the shop.

They only opened on the 19th June, less than two months ago. It sort of begs the question, 'Why would people risk being thrown out of their shop in such a short time, losing possession of their stock, when they could just play by the rules and open legitimately like everyone else?'