Friday, 15 August 2014

Lost Jez

I've had a message from blog reader Matthew today asking for help in finding an escaped  runaway (or should that be flyaway) pet cockateil called Jez. Matthew said:
"My mother-in-law has been very unwell recently and the companionship of "Jez" has helped keep her spirits up. If she can`t be re-united with him she will be very upset and will miss him terribly.
Jez may be in the Pembury Avenue area. He is very friendly (landing on heads and shoulders) and whistles `blue is the colour`. (Not my fault !)"
Matthew and family would be very grateful and appreciative if anyone is able to help return him home. Please contact the blog on if you have any information and I will pass on the details...

Update (22nd August)

The blog is very pleased to report that Jez has been reunited with his owner. The person who found Jez and handed him into a vet happened to post a photo on facebook which was recognised by a blog reader and contact was made.

Matthew emailed the blog to say:
"Very pleased to confirm that this was Jez and he is now back home safe and sound.Thanks very much for your help!"
We love a happy ending!