Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Green Lane Junction Next

The roadwork in Central road have been in full swing for a week now, complete with corresponding tailbacks. However things are about to change again.

Tomorrow morning the lights at the junction of Green Lane will be replaced with a set a temporary lights as the works shift glacier like towards the railway bridge. The fenced off section outside Iceland (pictured above) should be removed tomorrow and many people will perhaps take comfort from the fact that the restrictions to the Stone Place (Waitrose) entrance will be reduced a bit from Thursday - being that traffic will be allowed to turn left into Stone Place, but still not right.

The works are required in order to replace a high voltage mains cable running from the substation inside Stone Place (pictured below) all the way down to near the railway bridge. Apparently the work is so necessary (read 'situation is so bad') that if another cable fails it will be 'lights out for everyone in the area'.

A gentleman I spoke to who seemed to be a bit in charge - or at least seemed to know what was going on said that there is a chance they might get it all done ahead of schedule on the 25th August.

However in the meanwhile if you include Green Lane as part of your daily commute, from tomorrow it might be worth leaving even a bit earlier than the bit earlier you are already leaving in order to reach you destination on time...

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chrism said...

This would make a great movie .

chrism said...

I live in Worcester Park , I know Where the roadworks are , , When is the next fete , fair or garage sale ?

Worcester Park Blogger said...

I have just posted about the next fair... Did you also know on Tuesday evening that come Wednesday the Green Lane junction would be directly affected? Are you really that upset about my posting updates about the roadworks that you write such a comment - or do you have another problem with the blog?

Alex said...

It was not too long ago that we had a two-way entrance/exit at Stone Place, the drains worked, so did the electricity cables and all was well at this location.

But then Sutton Council went on a spending spree, imposed a one-way exit, and had a 'smashing' time with the road and pavements in and around this exact area.
Then the surrounding drains (simultaneously) started failing, blocking and overflowing - in and directly next to exactly the same area.
And the electricity cables started failing as well - again, strangely enough, in exactly the same area.

The Sutton Outer London Fund team already have a track record for failed and failing public works projects. Could it be more than coincidental and perhaps significant, that precisely where this mob have been squandering cash and burrowing aimlessly, a serious problem has, once again, resulted?

Dave said...

For pedestrians the one-way Stone Place is a considerable improvement.
The world does not revolve around motorists.
The extra few seconds exiting via Windsor Road should cause no discomforture to anyone other than the self-absorbed and highly neurotic.

Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

So once this set of roadworks has been completed, what roadworks are planned next, when and by whom for how long...? Us Worcester Park residents will get withdrawal symptoms without someone digging up the high street and causing endless delay and congestion. Doesn't the high street need resurfacing soon..?

anon said...

I agree with Dave, but maybe to relive the Windsor road residents, why is that not a one way exit only...or just reverse the traffic flow - in Windsor and out iceland exit.- ah yes the Waitrose lorries wouldnt be able to get out.

Alex said...

You don't need to be self-absorbed or highly neurotic to realise the commercial world revolves around customers - just a small amount of common sense will do.

Customers are going elsewhere, whether they walk, drive or cycle. The worst affected trader I know of is losing £10,000 in trade per week. Even the traders whose custom is overwhelmingly by foot are being hit by a sharp decline in trade.

Negotiating the bottle neck in the Waitrose car park, followed by the bottle neck in Windsor Road, followed by the bottle neck in Central Road,... and you reckon it takes "the extra few seconds"? No comment necessary.

In the real commercial world, a clear sign that KT4 is in dire trouble is that some delivery companies are now refusing to deliver to businesses in Worcester Park, simply because the extreme delays mean they are losing money to do so. Businesses don't turn away trade easily.

There are over 100 businesses and at least high 100s of employees in or near the high street, whose (largely local) families all depend on those incomes.

But on the plus side, idly walking along Stone Place will probably be "a considerable improvement" when it's empty and all the jobs and shops have gone.

Gino said...

The local chemists may experience an increase in trade ,due to a need for inhalers. It is a choke.
Are (any) councilors investigating the alleged substandard road work that you speak of ,surely the council tax payer needs compensation if your theory is correct .

Stone Place Death Trap said...

"For pedestrians the one-way Stone Place is a considerable improvement."
Here is a photo of the said area of alleged considerable improvement, as at 8am this morning. Yes, it is just one big wide, wall to wall roadway, with vehicles using the full width. This is absolutely no place to be a pedestrian! [Especially if you are taking children on a shopping trip].

The road used to be wide enough for two-way traffic to pass, without utilising the raised and clearly separate pavement. But Sutton Council idiotically made the road too narrow and single-lane, so now vehicles mount the widened pavement pass, because they have no room to do anything else but utilise the pavement.

And the Council even more stupidly took away the raised curb, which previously kept cars off the paving and kept pedestrians segregated and safe. So now the road, the pavement, the vehicles and the pedestrians are all on the same level, and all in the shared pathway of the traffic.

To make this area even more lethal, Sutton Council just need to put a notice board on the side of Iceland. Then drivers and pedestrians will be looking elsewhere as they precariously pass each other. But I am sure Sutton Council would never be that stupid!

AlanRogers1 said...

Totally agree with all of the all of that.

Bobbin said...

Ok, so there's road works again & traffic is terrible but what annoys me is all the money spent on improving the look of Worcester Park & now, once again, it looks a complete mess.
Could they not have finished off the work a little nicer on the entrance to Waitrose car park instead of putting that huge drain cover & lumping down some badly laid tarmac around it.
It looks horrendous!!!!

guestab said...

When are these guys working. went past yesterday at about 1500 and not a workperson/s in sight. what is going on. I would have thought what with the traffic congestion/loss trade, they would have been putting in at least 12 hour days!!!!!!!

Agreed Bobbin it looks a mess, blocks with yellow lines have been put back in the wrong place -does that mean we can now park in the gaps of the double yellows-??
Don't people engage brains when doing work now, it's not rocket science.

Shell said...

These roadworks also means the s3 is being disrupted.


Dee Jay said...

Travelling back from Kingston on the X26, having got there by a different route, I didn't know that there were roadworks at Worcester Park. I do now. How long are they supposed to last for? I don't live in the locality.

Martin said...

I move to Worcester Park 3yrs ago from Ruislip and have found Central Road is constantly being dug up? You guys love a bit of Road works :-D.

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