Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Green Lane Junction Next

The roadwork in Central road have been in full swing for a week now, complete with corresponding tailbacks. However things are about to change again.

Tomorrow morning the lights at the junction of Green Lane will be replaced with a set a temporary lights as the works shift glacier like towards the railway bridge. The fenced off section outside Iceland (pictured above) should be removed tomorrow and many people will perhaps take comfort from the fact that the restrictions to the Stone Place (Waitrose) entrance will be reduced a bit from Thursday - being that traffic will be allowed to turn left into Stone Place, but still not right.

The works are required in order to replace a high voltage mains cable running from the substation inside Stone Place (pictured below) all the way down to near the railway bridge. Apparently the work is so necessary (read 'situation is so bad') that if another cable fails it will be 'lights out for everyone in the area'.

A gentleman I spoke to who seemed to be a bit in charge - or at least seemed to know what was going on said that there is a chance they might get it all done ahead of schedule on the 25th August.

However in the meanwhile if you include Green Lane as part of your daily commute, from tomorrow it might be worth leaving even a bit earlier than the bit earlier you are already leaving in order to reach you destination on time...