Monday, 21 July 2014

Spate Of Car Crime

There has been a spate of car crime in Worcester Park over the last few days.

It apparently all started on Friday night when one blog reader's company car was broken into in Buckland Way some time during night. The thieving ******s stolen all the contents. I have all sympathy with the victim when she says:
"Unfortunately this person was not hit by lightening but I hope they are soon."
Then on Saturday night an even worse incident occurred: Paul the security guard on the Hamptons was doing his normal patrol when he saw a man crouching behind a car near Portland Close. When he approached him the man went for Paul and swung at his face with a sharp object before running away. Paul sustained a deep slash to his nose, immediately called police and had to be taken to Kingston A&E. Fortunately, Paul is doing well with no major damage, though he was lucky.

Police believe the description matches a well known car criminal from the other side of Worcester Park who breaks into cars to feed his drug habit. He also apparently carries a knife with him to escape from tricky situations and from people challenging him.

Luckily police have a description of the man. He is black, in his late teens to early 20s, approximately 5'8" tall, medium build and with facial stubble. Apparently he has a 'trademark outfit' of red American-style baseball cap with a light coloured insignia or letter on the front. (What - has the horizontal stripes and eye-mask gone out of fashion?) At the time he was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

The message being sent out is if you see a man matching the description above acting suspiciously, please call 999 immediately - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPROACH HIM...

And then last night sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning, four cars in Green Lane were vandalised with their side windows smashed. These were all parked close to the entrance to the Hamptons. So far it is thought that nothing was stolen

It is hoped that whoever is carrying out these crimes, be it the same person or several different people, that they are arrested, charged and imprisoned as soon as possible. They obviously don't care about the suffering they cause other people through their actions, and we don't need them in Worcester Park.

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Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

There have been a number of incidents in Buckland Way including fires and garage break-ins near to the recreation field alleyway. All was fine before this was opened, perhaps it should be closed back up.

Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

Apologies, forgot to add... Why do residents who live in the vicinity of the hamptons feel the need to park their cars on Buckland Way and walk through to where they live..? Do they not have adequate parking over there, thus feel the need to clog up this road. Parking can be bad enough here without "squatters"

Nichu said...

I don't really understand how a violent knife wielding drug addicted car thief is "well known" but there you go. Hope Paul is better soon, how horrible for him.

Sherlock said...

It means the police believe they know exactly who it is but, as yet, don't have enough evidence to name and or charge him.

Anon said...

If they are taxed what's the problem? People are entitled to park where they like. Just because someone may not live on a street it doesn't mean they are not allowed to park there.

Guest D said...

What you say is true, but I can also understand the frustration of the people that can't park in the Hampton's seeing those same people using up the limited resource in their area.

Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

So it is the local residents in the surrounding roads who have to "suffer" because of the limited parking available in the "Exclusive" district of The Hamptons. Instead of clogging up our roads, why don't you find a neighbour without a car and use their allocation or apply for an extra permit.

Guest D said...

Nick, for the sake of argument let's imagine that the Popular Front for the Liberation of Buckland Way got Sutton Council to create a CPZ. The Hamptons would not be in that CPZ as the roads are private, so Hamptons residents would not be able to get residents' CPZ parking permits, that would restore the status quo neatly.

In fact it wouldn't as the CPZ would probably cover most of the Sutton part of Worcester Park.

Of course the Hampton's management could apply to become part of the CPZ, but then they would have to open up parking to all.

Anon said...

Not entirely true. I have seen many houses that have a driveway that is big enough for more than two cars. Surely it would be Green Lane that would suffer more than Buckland Way anyway. It was the council that stipulated the number of parking spaces that were allowed within The Hamptons, so don't hate the player hate the game!

Alex said...

Sutton Council can't erect a 10/11(?)-seater bench in Cheam Common Road without managing to embed it directly on top of the major water main.
Sutton Council can't paste over the windows of Victoria House without smashing them and walking away.
Sutton Council can't alter the car park exit without completely screwing up the traffic flow.
Sutton Council can't build a path in a park without it being washed away.
Sutton Council can't schedule replacement paving in North Cheam to finish in mid-April, without it carrying on into June.
Sutton Council can't build crossings in Central Road without them repeatedly falling apart.
Sutton Council can't announce they're going to build a pocket park at the station, without admitting it won't actually happen, as they never had the money.

With this track record, a Worcester Park Community Parking Zone, run by Sutton Council's incompetents is going to be just another expensive disaster to add to the list. A CPZ run by this Council is the last thing we need!

Japerjames said...

Anyone know why Sutton council can't get names correct, cuddington park is now Nonsuch and cuddington bowls is now Nonsuch. These have both been cuddington for 50 odd year or more, is this yet another co kip or why have the council renamed then, perhaps they brought a cheap batch of signs.

Jasperjames said...

Sorry should have said cockup (spell correction) !!!

little smiff said...

Can't help but agree with a lot of the frustration vented in previous comments on this article. Firstly, if the culprit is well known then the authorities should do something about putting them away. Secondly, parking. It's not only Buckland Way that is suffering from overspill from the Hamptons. Green Lane, at the school end, is now a permanent base for residents to park their vehicles. This is despite the fact that there are yellow line restrictions in that area for six days a week. Sutton Council don't send anyone down that far to enforce these restrictions, why not? Oh! I,ve just realised LBS have outsourced that part of their remit and are therefore not, directly, responsible for enforcing parking regulations. The "wardens" can't be a**ed to walk down that far. It's much easier to nick someone who has strayed fractionally out of a when parking in Stone Place. Come to think of it it's rare to see a parking enforcement officer anywhere in Worcester Park unless they are in Stone Place. Even the the much hated mobile CCTV doesn't bother to drive down Green Lane. Let's not upset the residents of the Hamptons, they put loads of money into LBS for not much input from the Council. Thirdly, I know it's of no comfort to the victims but if you don't leave anything of value in the car when it's parked then the theiving toerags won't have anything to nick.

Usman Khan said...

I wonder if it is safe to buy a new house in Buckland Way now. As a prospective buyer is there any information on the surroundings that anyone could provide please.

Guest D said...

Have a look at the Met's web site it lists crime street by street, and yes there has been a spate of car crime in that area, but WP is still very low for crime. I think that is down to having residents that know their neighbours and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Also remember that in high crime areas no one talks about it as it is so normal.

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