Sunday, 20 July 2014

Mosque Inquiry Postponed

The public inquiry launched by Mr Aziz to try to overturn the council's decision to disallow 2-4 Green Lane from becoming a Mosque has been postponed until Wednesday 19th November. The hearing was going to resume on Tuesday the 14th October but has now been pushed back to the November date.

Many interested people will have received a copy of the letter below explaining this.

As everyone familiar with the area knows, having a place of public assembly at this spot near the corner of Central Road and Green Lane where there are already insurmountable traffic and parking problems just makes no sense. As the chair of the Worcester Park Residents' Association, Hughie Byrne put it at last weeks local area committee meeting, "The only worse position for a place of public assembly would be in the centre of a roundabout."

Now we wait for the saga to continue come November...

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Gino said...

What percentage of the council saving/cut has this application cost ,better still how much net ,anyone?

Alex said...

Gino, I'm not sure what your point is, but this planning application essentially threatens to hijack this town's central car park for its own purposes. [The first applicant openly said so in their first unguarded application and then tried to back peddle and deny that was the intention in their second - nobody was fooled].

The car park they intend to target is already absolutely full to capacity for much of the day, any day of the week and everyone knows parking and traffic are notoriously dreadful in Worcester Park. If this appeal succeeds, the result will be hugely detrimental to every local resident, trader, employer and employee, so everyone who cares was and is determined to fight it.

Gino said...

The point is ,we are going to pay for this whichever way it cuts.
I want and we all have a right to know the financial cost as well as the reduced quality of ,remembering also the cuts to services by the Lib Dom inated council.

guest said...

Why does the council let Mr Aziz continually use the premises illegally as a hostel? Also does anyone know when the independent parking survey is planned for now.

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