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Lib Dems Late To The Party

Our campaign from last year
A couple of weeks ago some Lib Dems were spotted at Worcester Park station, apparently gathering signatures on a petition to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park.

Perhaps someone ought to point out to them that I ran a campaign for the exact same thing nearly a year ago which resulted in a petition with over 1200 signatures being submitted to Boris Johnson on Wednesday 15th January earlier this year.

Now I'm all for everyone pitching in to help, but where were they last year when we ran our campaign to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park? I don't even recall seeing a single signature belonging to a Lib Dem representative on any of our petitions. If any Lib Dems wish to dispute this I will double check the list for their names. If there is no dispute from them we can rest assured they went out of their way not to help. (For those of you of a cynical disposition -  yes as it was a Conservative party run campaign it was also a good way of promoting local Conservatives. However this was by demonstrating that we can be trusted to work hard for the local area and get results that mater for people.)

But perhaps the biggest difference was the nature of the petition itself. Ours was a normal petition asking for name, signature and contact details in order to verify signatures if necessary. We spoke to numerous local shopkeepers who kept copies of the petition in their shops. It's primary purpose was to convince the Mayor of London to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park, for the sake of Worcester Park.

The Lib Dem petition was a little different, being a sheet of text with a box to fill in (see below). It seems more interested in voting intentions, finding people to deliver Lib Dem leaflets and raising money for the Lib Dems.

In fact you could be forgiven for thinking it's primary purpose was to promote the Lib Dems and it was just using Crossrail 2 as a convenient excuse. The heading (paraphrased) says 'Help the Lib Dems bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park'.

Call me cynical but what's the chance that if our campaign is successful and Crossrail 2 does come to Worcester Park, the Lib Dems will be saying it's 'all thanks to the Lib Dems' and thanking local people for 'helping the Lib Dems bring Crossrail to Worcester Park'?

Well just in case, I want to get in first. I would like to thank everyone who signed our Conservative petition to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park (the petition that didn't ask about voting intentions or giving money to any politcal party etc.) and if we are successful, then thank you for helping the Conservatives bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park.

Perhaps instead of trying to take credit for other people's hard work, the Lib Dems should consider following through with their promise to get the railway bridge cleaned up and painted. Or did they think we'd forgotten?

I will mention at this point that there is currently another consultation going on for Crossrail 2 but it is primarily concerned with three small sections of the proposal that do not affect anything south of Clapham Junction. However there is a box on their consultation survey where you can add your own comments - such as to reiterate that you want Worcester Park to be included as a stop. This can all be found at: The consultation is due to close on Friday 25th July, so get on it soon if you wish to do that.

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Ginger said...

OMG he's off again, blowing his own trumpet. PLEASE can we have a non-political blog again.

Simon Densley (Blogger, Consv) said...

Thanks Lynette, I was beginning to think all the Lib Dems were ignoring me! In answer to your question, no - I will blog as I see fit.

Much goes on in Worcester Park and that includes politics and I'm not going to just ignore it or pretend to hold views I don't for the sake of a few Liberals looking for any excuse to complain because I happen to hold more Conservative views. I've worked very hard for Worcester park for quite a long time giving you a blog to read that you don't have to pay for and which makes me less than a pound a day if I'm lucky.

You are not entitled to have me do this. You are even less entitled to tell me how I should be doing it.

If you don't like it, read someone else's blog. I hear Richard Marston has a blog. He's a Lib Dem and I'm sure you will feel all is right with the world reading his postings instead of mine.

MrBigNose said...

whoa... what a way to lose a rather large chunk of your current blog readers... what a shame

CarlN said...

If all the parties could play at grown ups for a change it would be rather nice, and rather effective to have a petition with all the parties names on it. You know, a joint effort for the benefit of WP, which is supposed to be what all the parties are interested in...

Simon Densley (Blogger, Consv) said...

A shame for who?

George said...

Well, if I lived within sight of the railway, never mind alongside it, I certainly wouldn't be looking forward to having the masts and catenary of the overhead electrification to look out at - even if it's 15 to 20 years away.
As for local politicians, elected or not, who want to have their say - fair enough, they are entitled to express their views like anyone else. The route of Crossrail2 will be decided by Government and the services by TfL, who are gradually extending their influence into the suburban area, with little, if any, concern for the Blue Peter style demonstrations of the locals. As with 'birdlady' and her imaginary 'station master', you are living in dreamland if you think any of these activities will carry any weight at all.
I have no particular problem with the political bias of this blog - anyone can set up another if they want - at least the blogger has 'come out' as a political 'activist'.

Boooored said...

Yawn, another point scoring exercise, after reading below posts from SD, time to drop the WPBlog from favourites, hope your ego takes as much of a dent as the web traffic. Self inflicted !!!!

Barry Cullum said...

Just had a look at the Richard Marston blog that you mentioned Simon...... er quite.... Don't think I'll be a regular visitor there.
I may, at times, have had a right go at you in the past Simon, and I may in the future... After all, I am not a Tory supporter in the main.... but still find plenty of interest in your blog... Keep up the good work

Guest D said...

Not wanting to attack Richard Marston's efforts, but really the only thing going for it is that it is apolitical. But it reads like a notice board.

Personally, I prefer the lively debate found here and find the political points scoring amusing. Particularly in this case when the issue over existence and route let alone what stations it will stop at won't be decided for another 3 years.

Barry Cullum said...

Quite agree Guest D... I'm not attacking Richard's blog either. I just found it totally you say, like a notice board.

AlanRogers1 said...

Why do you assume that anyone who prefers a non polical blog is a Liberal Democrat Simon?

Simon Densley (Blogger, Consv) said...

I don't. However those whose only contribution is to malign anyone who dares to criticize their hero Nick Clegg and his cohorts tend to mark themselves out.

For those readers who are genuinely non political (and I know there are a few) I will continue to write about many and various things occurring in Worcester Park. However as politics also occurs in Worcester Park and as someone who has fought at the coalface (is that mixing my metaphors?) I will post things from my own political viewpoint from time to time. As nobody pays me for this and reading it is an individual choice, I don't see that anyone can feel a genuine right to complain about me writing what I want. There are other blogs to read and people are welcome to start their own which they can fill with whatever opinion they wish, political or otherwise.

Incidentally the WP blog has never been entirely devoid of any political comment. This post from the previous WP blogger ( also has a bit of a tounge-in-cheek dig at the local Lib Dems.

Guest said...

Hardly an assumption! Seriously Alan, why else would anyone be repeatedly coming back to the same blog to protest, every time a comment appeared that failed to be Lib Dem favourable?

The Lib Dems are anti-car and supposedly are committed to investment in local public transport. So they would be very quick to support CR2 stopping here, wouldn't they? Well, apparently not! So how come?

And is it not significant locally, that they have simply copied a (pro-car) Tory public transport policy, six months after the Tories? Are the local Lib Dems so out of ideas, and so close to the Tories these days, as to be simply copying and pasting Tory policies?

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