Saturday, 5 July 2014

A Local Market For Local People

Are you local? Do you like your produce local as well? If the answer is yes to both these questions then get yourself down to Central Road for Worcester Park's regular Local Produce and Craft Market.

There have been four of these markets per year in for the last couple of years but they have unfortunately suffered from having too few stalls and too few customers over the last year or so. Each problem sadly reinforcing the other in an ongoing cycle of disappointment.

However here's where you can help! If everyone went along and had a look and maybe even bought a few bits and pieces then over time this would revive the market, meaning it could survive when the subsidy from Boris's Outer London Fund money runs out. Just like local independent shops, if you want it to survive you need to use it!

Get down there from 10 o'clock today!

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Hampton Rd said...

If something is not working when it is heavily subsidised, that is a clear indication that it will not work when the subsidy's been frittered away by a recklessly spending Sutton Outer London Fund project. [That is, recklessly spending - someone else's - money].

Rather than continue to throw in yet more good money after bad (and bearing in mind a six figure sum of the OLF budget came from our own pockets), they could at least try watering the plants in the high street, which are dehydrated and dying.

...But I think they'll just keep to their carefree squandering ways.

I had hoped a change of local Councillors would have made a difference to the culture of thoughtless expenditure and injected a sense of financial responsibility. But, sadly, I can detect no change.

Gino said...

The change of councilors left the same council in place, (no change).
People now have more of the same as we know.
I agree with you and local produce should be preferred all of the time.

ChrisG said...

I love the sausage stall, it's the one stall I always go to.

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