Monday, 28 July 2014

Convicted Robber On The Run

A Convicted Robber used a hospital visit to run from the police yesterday.

Jamie Halifax who was arrested for burglary while hiding in his parents' loft in Thames Avenue in the Hamptons on the 2nd October last year was taken from Lewes Prison to Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton late on Saturday night/Sunday morning when he ran from officers and fled the hospital at 12.40am Sunday.

Mr Halifax is still waiting to be sentenced following his conviction at Brighton Crown Court on 5th June for a burglary at a hairdresser’s in Central Road and possession of an offensive weapon on the 5th September last year. He was also wanted for failing to appear at Croydon Magistrates Court on 12 September 2013 on a charge of having an offensive weapon in Kimpton Road, Sutton, on 31st July last year.

All in all it would seem Mr Halifix is a very naughty boy. He is white, 5ft 8in tall, slim, has cropped brown hair and is heavily tattooed.

Police have advised members of the public not to approach Mr Halifax if they see him but to call 999 immediately. If you have any other information about his whereabouts, you can call police on 101 or the Crimestoppers charity, anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Good Luck To Our Cricketers

Guess who's in today's finals of the the Surrey Champioinship Twenty20 knock out cup? Only our own Worcester Park Division 2 side!

As Ben Davies of the club told the blog:
"The competition included all the clubs from the premier division and the other five divisions of the championship, and for us to get to the final is a little bit like a club the size of Brentford or Leyton Orient getting to the FA Cup final."
The finals are being played today at Banstead Cricket Club and Worcester Park are playing in the first semi final vs Ashtead at 10.30am. The winner of that game will play in the final later this afternoon at 4.15pm.

So if your morning or afternoon could be pepped up by a little cricket, head on over to Banstead and cheer the side on - to victory!

Update (Later in the day)

Sad news. Unfortunately Worcester Park were all out for 74 chasing Ashtead's total of 145. Ashtead then went on to win the Surrey T20 cup beating Sunbury - so congratulations to them.

It was a terrific effort by Worcester Park in reaching the semi final. Well done to the team for reaching this milestone. May it point the way to greater things to come.

Friday, 25 July 2014

25 Years Of Karate

Senseis Marcus Papadopoulos
and Nigel Bullard
Back on the 12th of February, Worcester Park Karate Club, which meets on Wednesday nights at the hall in Cheam Common Junior School, celebrated their 25th anniversary. They asked me to come along to help mark the occasion with a few photos and a write up on the blog which I was happy to do. However instead of taking a few shots I started taking a bit of video and before long realised I was going to have to make a short video for the occasion instead.

This was all very well but editing video takes rather a long time and soon after this occasion (some of you may have noticed) I became rather involved in a local council election (as indeed was chief instructor, Sensei Dr Marcus Papadopoulos). Since then I have had to return to full time work (some may have noticed a slight drop in blog activity) in order to pay the bills. All this has meant that I have taken a few months longer than I would have liked to fulfil my promise to get this up and posted. However, I have finally managed to finish it off (in between numerous other things) and here it is. Apologies for the delay.

In addition to the 25th anniversary, three white belts (Della, Rachel and Zoe) were having their first grading. I have included this as part of the story of the night...

The Worcester Park Karate Club is the oldest karate club in South London. The youngest student at the club is 4 years old while the oldest is 64. Both Sensei Dr Marcus Papadopoulos and Sensei Nigel Bullard are volunteers. When the club was set up in 1989, the attendance fee was £1 per student, pay-as-you-go. Today, in 2014, that fee is £4. The attendance fee goes towards paying for the rent of the hall at Cheam Common Junior School. You can find more information on their website here.

If you would like to find out even more, or better still get involved, contact Sensei Marcus Papadopoulos on 07972 374 529 or email him on

The photos here were taken by Ian Bullard.

All Change At Waitrose

A few nights ago I popped into Waitrose and got a bit of a surprise! It had been a couple of weeks since I'd been in and the whole front area was different. For those who haven't already seen this it's now become more like a reception area with a hotel style desk. All the magazines have been moved away (down to where the cards are - near the wine.) Alterations were implemented during the night over the course of a week and were finished around two weeks ago now.

"Whoopy Doo" I hear you say, "Is that the standard of WP Blog news these days...?..." Well there's a bit more to the story...

As of September, Waitrose will become one of the John Lewis 'Click and Collect' collection points and this renovation was partially to have convenient place for people to collect their John Lewis orders from. There still doesn't seem to be a great wealth of information about this newish concept on the interweb but Waitrose has a bit about it here and John Lewis has a bit here. The whole idea is that you will be able to place an order with John Lewis and instead of either having to trek down to Kingston or pay for delivery to your home at a time most inconvenient for you, they will deliver it to Waitrose in Worcester Park for free for you to pick up from there the next day.

"Now hang on", I now hear you say, "That's going to undermine all the local traders"...

That was my first thought too. (Isn't it great when we all have the same first thought together.) But after some contemplation I thought no, actually it's the opposite. How many more people would stay in Worcester Park to do all their shopping if there was a John Lewis in Central Road? Well in the same way what it means is that the people who would ordinarily go and spend a few hours and a bundle of cash in Kingston shops, attracted in part by the John Lewis, may instead stick around in Central Road, use our local shops (especially with their new Worcester Park Key card) and get their John Lewis fix from our local Waitrose instead. As well as being good for the local economy it also means less cars on the road as many people who would drive to Kingston can walk to Waitrose. It seems to me that everyone's a bit of a winner! Okay it might not transform the area just like that - but I do see it as a positive thing for Worcester Park. Feel free to disagree dear reader... what do you think...?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Spate Of Car Crime

There has been a spate of car crime in Worcester Park over the last few days.

It apparently all started on Friday night when one blog reader's company car was broken into in Buckland Way some time during night. The thieving ******s stolen all the contents. I have all sympathy with the victim when she says:
"Unfortunately this person was not hit by lightening but I hope they are soon."
Then on Saturday night an even worse incident occurred: Paul the security guard on the Hamptons was doing his normal patrol when he saw a man crouching behind a car near Portland Close. When he approached him the man went for Paul and swung at his face with a sharp object before running away. Paul sustained a deep slash to his nose, immediately called police and had to be taken to Kingston A&E. Fortunately, Paul is doing well with no major damage, though he was lucky.

Police believe the description matches a well known car criminal from the other side of Worcester Park who breaks into cars to feed his drug habit. He also apparently carries a knife with him to escape from tricky situations and from people challenging him.

Luckily police have a description of the man. He is black, in his late teens to early 20s, approximately 5'8" tall, medium build and with facial stubble. Apparently he has a 'trademark outfit' of red American-style baseball cap with a light coloured insignia or letter on the front. (What - has the horizontal stripes and eye-mask gone out of fashion?) At the time he was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans.

The message being sent out is if you see a man matching the description above acting suspiciously, please call 999 immediately - DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPROACH HIM...

And then last night sometime between 2 and 3 in the morning, four cars in Green Lane were vandalised with their side windows smashed. These were all parked close to the entrance to the Hamptons. So far it is thought that nothing was stolen

It is hoped that whoever is carrying out these crimes, be it the same person or several different people, that they are arrested, charged and imprisoned as soon as possible. They obviously don't care about the suffering they cause other people through their actions, and we don't need them in Worcester Park.

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Lib Dems Late To The Party

A couple of weeks ago some Lib Dems were spotted at Worcester Park station, apparently gathering signatures on a petition to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park.

Perhaps someone ought to point out to them that we ran a local campaign for the exact same thing nearly a year ago which resulted in a petition with over 1200 signatures being submitted to Boris Johnson on Wednesday 15th January earlier this year.

Now I'm all for everyone pitching in to help, but where were they last year when we ran our campaign to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park? I don't even recall seeing a single signature belonging to a Lib Dem representative on any of our petitions. If any Lib Dems wish to dispute this I will double check the list for their names. If there is no dispute from them we can rest assured they went out of their way not to help. Probably because they didn't think of it themselves and couldn't use it for their own political advantage.

But perhaps the biggest difference was the nature of the petition itself. Ours was a normal petition asking for name, signature and contact details in order to verify signatures if necessary. We spoke to numerous local shopkeepers who kept copies of the petition in their shops. It's primary purpose was to convince the Mayor of London to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park, for the sake of Worcester Park.

The Lib Dem petition was a little different, being a sheet of text with a box to fill in (see below). It seems more interested in voting intentions, finding people to deliver Lib Dem leaflets and raising money for the Lib Dems.

In fact you could be forgiven for thinking it's primary purpose was to promote the Lib Dems and it was just using Crossrail 2 as a convenient excuse. The heading (paraphrased) says 'Help the Lib Dems bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park'.

Call me cynical but what's the chance that if our campaign is successful and Crossrail 2 does come to Worcester Park, the Lib Dems will be saying it's 'all thanks to the Lib Dems' and thanking local people for 'helping the Lib Dems bring Crossrail to Worcester Park'?

Well just in case, I want to get in first. I would like to thank everyone who signed our petition to bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park (the petition that didn't ask about voting intentions or giving money to any politcal party etc.) and if we are successful, then thank you for helping us bring Crossrail 2 to Worcester Park.

Perhaps instead of trying to take credit for other people's hard work, the Lib Dems should consider following through with their promise to get the railway bridge cleaned up and painted. Or did they think we'd forgotten?

I will mention at this point that there is currently another consultation going on for Crossrail 2 but it is primarily concerned with three small sections of the proposal that do not affect anything south of Clapham Junction. However there is a box on their consultation survey where you can add your own comments - such as to reiterate that you want Worcester Park to be included as a stop. This can all be found at: The consultation is due to close on Friday 25th July, so get on it soon if you wish to do that.

Fancy Some Squash?

Click to enlarge
If you're partial to a little squash then keep next Friday (25th July) free as there is a special exhibition match on at New Malden Squash Club.

Robbie Temple and Jonny Harford, both ranked in the world top 50 players will be playing competitive squash at the club which is more or less right on our doorstep. The New Malden club is just off the A3 roundabout on the Worcester Park side.

The evening will be to raise money for the renovations of Courts at the club which are badly in need of repair. Tickets are just £10 each and you can contact Steve to reserve yours: or on 07796 058 954.

This will be a fantastic evening watching two world class players doing what the do best and helping raise money for the club at the same time.

Mosque Inquiry Postponed

The public inquiry launched by Mr Aziz to try to overturn the council's decision to disallow 2-4 Green Lane from becoming a Mosque has been postponed until Wednesday 19th November. The hearing was going to resume on Tuesday the 14th October but has now been pushed back to the November date.

Many interested people will have received a copy of the letter below explaining this.

As everyone familiar with the area knows, having a place of public assembly at this spot near the corner of Central Road and Green Lane where there are already insurmountable traffic and parking problems just makes no sense. As the chair of the Worcester Park Residents' Association, Hughie Byrne put it at last weeks local area committee meeting, "The only worse position for a place of public assembly would be in the centre of a roundabout."

Now we wait for the saga to continue come November...

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Expensive Way To Save Money

Sutton Council looks to have invested heavily in a poster campaign to tell us all that they are running out of money. This poster appeared at the end of Caldbeck Avenue a few days ago and looks to be one of many around the borough.

One reader who contacted the blog said:
"I was staggered to see this poster appear at the end of Caldbeck Avenue this week asking to 'join the conversation' about how Sutton Council can save money. 
My suggestion - not wasting thousands of pounds on a poster advertising campaign. Working in advertising I know that a billboard poster such as this might have cost around £500 when you factor in printing etc. If this has been posted across the borough then I dread to think what the overall cost will have been in total."
Couldn't have put it better myself. I guess Sutton Council hasn't learned a thing about prudently spending other people's money.

I guess it's much easier to get people to accept poorer service if they feel they've contributed to how it's done. Even though I wonder if, given past experience, the decisions have already all been made and any such 'consultation' is entirely for this purpose and will have no actual baring on what happens to Sutton's council services.

Oval Prize

What do you do when your mower break down? For most of us it's probably let the grass grow a bit while we save up for a new one. However this option is not available for Worcester Park Cricket club. The ground at Green Lane needs regular maintenance so the cricket can continue.

Click to enlarge
Cricket clubs apparently need two special mowers. One extremely expensive one to do the actual pitches and another just regularly expensive one to do the wide stripes in the rest of the grass. It is this second one that gave up the ghost recently and has to be replaced.

Luckily Worcester Park Cricket Club managed to find a second hand one which Wimbledon Golf Club were selling (so it's the same one used for gold fairways as well) for £2000. The club doesn't have that sort of dosh lying around so fortunately a member stumped up the cash as a short term loan so they could keep the cricket going. However it rather leaves the club in a hole to the tune of £2000 which needs to be paid back forthwith.

So with such an urgent financial need the club has decided to give away their one day annual entitlement to a hospitality box at the Oval as a prize in order to try to raise the money for the mower.

The club are now selling raffle tickets for this prize.

The lucky winner will be able to spend a major chunk of Wednesday 20th August entertaining family, friends, clients, a collection of cacti, whatever you want in a hospitality box at the Oval with a stunning view of Surrey’s Royal London 50 over cup game vs Somerset.

If that isn't a fantastic prize for any true cricket lover I don't know what is... Tickets are £25 each with all proceeds going to cover the £2000 cost of the replacement mower.

To get your ticket for this amazing raffle, contact Ben Davies on or you can telephone him on 07768 997 324. For more information have a look at their facebook page here.

Please help your local cricket club and maybe win a great prize too!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Dog Found

A dog has apparently been found in the area. If this look like a dog you've recently lost please get in touch ( and I will pass your details on...

Update (several seconds later)

I have just received a message to say that: "Dog is back with owner safe n sound".

Jolly good then. Back to bed...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

A Long Cycle

A local Worcester Parker has decided to ride a bike over 300 miles in 4 days to raise money for charity.

Hamptons resident Sarah Draper has taken on the gruelling task of cycling from London to Paris to raise money for Myeloma UK. In order to help the cause, she is putting the fun into fundraising by holding an event at Maple Lodge this afternoon involving champagne, cake and live music.

Sarah said:
"To help me raise money for this amazing charity I’ve managed to squeeze an afternoon of cake eating and champagne swigging into my intense training schedule. 
So all you lovely and of course generous people are invited to join me for a fun filled afternoon with tunes, tipples and tea! 
I’ll be performing a range of live music from classical to jazz to pop and back again with my good friend James Taylor. 
Plus lots of goodies up for grabs in our raffle and auction."
You can find out more about Myeloma UK by having a butchers at Sarah has set up a Just Giving Page which can be found at: You can even text the code SDLP95, and your donation amount as follows £1, 2, 3 , 5 or £10 to 70070.

You can also find out more from Sarah's facebook page here.

Either way the big event begins this afternoon at 3pm at Maple Lodge (The big white building with the clock on top in the Hamptons.) What better way to whittle away an afternoon than with bubbles and cake - and all for a good cause!

Shocking Delays

Remember those days when Central Road was brought to a complete standstill for days at a time so it could all be dug up to replace some pipes or wires or find a lost key or something? And then we had the roadworks to end all roadwork, followed shortly by more roadworks and then some roadworks to add some flowerbeds and tree surrounds and fake crossings, followed by several attempts to fix the fake crossings that weren't very good when exposed to actual traffic...

Well we've got two weeks to enjoy driving the length of Central Road in less than an hour as Worcester Park will be reverting to type on Monday 28th July.

This one is all for the sake of our electricity and no doubt is in some way connected to the recent spate of power failures.

I can only guess the electricity mains they replaced during the 'Big Dig of 2011' were the wrong sort of electricity mains and once again we must bear our collective brunts as they sort it out.

We should expect Long Delays piled on top of the normal long delays in Worcester Park. Do we need to be out the door by 4:30am to beat the traffic now? Or 2:45? Or 11pm the night before? Perhaps we should all move in to our place of work for a month or even set up home in our cars - seeing as that's where we will be spending most of our time from the end of July.

Update (17th July)

Apparently the the works will be from close to the Stone Place entrance to just past the Brook pub on the South side of Central Road.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

A Dogs Breakfast

The HG Wells pub is this morning  hosting a free breakfast to help raise money for the Battersea Dog and Cats Home and also for Express CIC which is a Kindston based 'not for profit' community organisation supporting young people with autism and their families.

Blog reader Mags has been a volunteer for nearly 9 years at the world famous (literally) dogs and cats home and has usually organised an annual coffee morning to raise funds but this year the HG Wells in Cheam Common Road have kindly offered to help.

She has teamed up with her friend Kay who has been helping with the autistic charity who are looking to build a cafe hub in Tolworth where families and the wider community and meet in relaxed surroundings.

It all begins about now (9:30am) and continues on until noon.

Breakfast cakes have been donated by Sainsburys, Greggs and others so you are welcome to munch for gratis. However it is hoped that those with a few spare pennies might put them in the donation pot...

Update (a few weeks later)

The event raise £907 to be shared equally by three charities. Around 130 people attended the morning bringing around 17 dogs with them including some ex-battersea ones. Mags who organise the event wished to thanks the HG Wells for providing breakfast, Sainsbury's, Wetherspoons, Mc Donalds, Greggs, Burger King & Costa Coffee for donating cakes & cups."

Below are some photos from the occasion...

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Jean And Tony's Summer Affair

A year ago I happened upon what I thought was the most amazing charitable event I had even come
across. Jean and Tony who live at 43 Courtenay Road opened up their home to host a huge fund raising event for St Raphael's Hospice. When I say 'huge' I mean they had more in their garden than the whole Central Road Craft Market had provided the day before.

The Summer affair is a annual event and Jean and Tony are once again donating their time, effort, money and skills to bring neighbourlyness to their local area while raising money once again for St Raphael's.

In fact they hold two events each year. A summer one and a Christmas one which for reasons easily deduced is normally held inside. Between them, their family and friends they normally managed to create and offer enough to raise over £900 each time and hit the £1000 mark last Christmas.

Entry costs only £1 - I would say it is more than worth it - and everyone is welcome. This year's Summer affair is this coming Sunday (13th July) - yes that's the same day as the World Cup Final. However this is from 12 - 4pm so it will give you plenty of time to get home to enjoy the televised final kicking of the football.

Go along and enjoy!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Beer Scout Supporter

...And while we're on the subject of Scouts, festivals and raising money - with the addition ingredient of "drinking beer" added to the mix we get the Cuddington Beer Festival!

The festival, which has already enjoyed one session last night is on from noon today until 4pm and then starts again at 6pm for the evening session which goes through until 10pm. It can all be found at the 2nd Cuddington Scout Headquarters, Rowe Hall, Salisbury Road, Worcester Park, KT4 7DD.

There are 34 Ales and 18 Ciders to try - I'm not sure if there's a prize for getting through all of them, however if you're keen to make a valiant attempt while supporting the scouts get yourself along.

There is also excellent food from B.Radford & Son Traditional Family Butcher and live sport on the telly. Is there nothing they haven't thought of?

Tickets are still available on the door, at or at Radfords in Stoneleigh.

Cometh Beer O'Clock, cometh the beer.

Scouts' Summer Fete

The Scouting movement is one of those astonishingly great British institutions that benefits the whole community by helping our young people reach closer to their potential. Occasionally they need a bit of help from the community and in their usual way they do this by offering something back.

Today from midday the 4th Worcester Park Scouts, based in the corner where Braemar Road becomes Balmoral Road (you know that road at the top of the high street where Sansbury's is) are holding their Summer Fete. As you would expect there will be a plethora of stalls and attractions to make it worth your while taking the family along for the afternoon.

So why not go along and support your local scouts while enjoying the entertainment and picking up a few bargains at the same time?

A Local Market For Local People

Are you local? Do you like your produce local as well? If the answer is yes to both these questions then get yourself down to Central Road for Worcester Park's regular Local Produce and Craft Market.

There have been four of these markets per year in for the last couple of years but they have unfortunately suffered from having too few stalls and too few customers over the last year or so. Each problem sadly reinforcing the other in an ongoing cycle of disappointment.

However here's where you can help! If everyone went along and had a look and maybe even bought a few bits and pieces then over time this would revive the market, meaning it could survive when the subsidy from Boris's Outer London Fund money runs out. Just like local independent shops, if you want it to survive you need to use it!

Get down there from 10 o'clock today!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Malden Manor Primary Fayre

No doubt many readers have been a bit concerned at the lack of summer fairs and festivals this Saturday. Well fear not as the Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School PTA has come to the rescue with just such an event to allow you to fill that vacant spot in your diary.

From noon until 3pm you can enjoy the many stalls and events including: numerous displays like karate, a live band, country dancing and cheerleading, a wide array of stalls and competitions, and multitudes of food and drink.

There will also be a fancy dress competition based on the theme of "Through the ages".

As an added bonus the event will be attended by the Mayor of Kingston and Kingston Council will also be on hand to talk about the Malden Manor Community Project.

If you are a grown up, it will cost you but a single small coin to enter. If not, then it shall cost your nowt.

Who could want more?

Meadow Primary School Summer fair

Just in case you thought the summer fairs were over, the Meadow Primary School Summer fair is happening this Sunday 6th July from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm (Entrance to the field via Waverley Road)

The cost is £1 for adults and free for children

Go along and join the Parent Teacher and Friends Association for an afternoon of fun and activities including:
Barrel Cars, Mega Slide, Bouncy Castles, BBQ, Licensed Bar with Pimms and Strawberries and Cream, CafĂ© with big screen showing the Tennis, Cake Stall, Penalty Shoot Out Competition, Bottle and Toy Tombola, Raffle, Private Stalls, Plant Stall, Popcorn, Y6 Grow a £ stalls, Ice Cream, Candy Floss and Carnival Games.

Plus, their special guests for this event are Radio Jackie who will be entertaining you with music and competitions.

What's not to like?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Is This Your Burglar?

Police are asking for help identifying a man who burgled a home in Trafalgar Avenue around two weeks ago. This stylish gentleman pictured here on the right (click to enlarge) is someone that police would like to have a chat with in connection with said burglary which happened on Friday 20th June at about 4:00am (while we were all asleep).

Whoever it was that broke in stole a charm bracelet and was careless enough to wake the sleeping victims (who were in their 30s) as he tried to nick a mobile phone from right beside their bed. The burglar fled as the man woke up and quickly checked each room to make sure the suspect had left before going outside and spotting him again, chased him to London Road where he unfortunately lost sight of him.

Luckily the charm bracelet was found after the couple posted a picture of it on Facebook and a local neighbour found it discarded in the street later the same day.

The police think this incident might be linked to an attempted burglary in Dibdin Close, Sutton, earlier the same morning (at around 3:00am) when an intruder fled after triggering the alarm.

If you have any information about this man, please contact Sutton Police station on 101 quoting ref no: 4006314/14. Alternatively, you can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Lets hope the police manage to speak with this chap sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Closing Statement

Time has been called at the Barclays Bank in North Cheam which is closing down on Friday 19th September. Customers have been receiving a letter (shown below) detailing the closure with addresses of other branches near by(ish) as well a reminding people they could use the post office around the corner for everyday transactions.

One staff member told the blog that the branch just wasn't busy enough and reassuringly said that staff members were being relocated to nearby branches and that no one was losing their job.

A Barclays spokesperson told the Sutton Guardian that:
"At Barclays North Cheam branch, around two thirds of customers now regularly use alternative branches."
However it is possibly also true that around two thirds of customers from alternative branches now regularly use the North Cheam branch too. It's the flexibility that is so useful.

A local shop owner told the blog that in his opinion the branch was just as busy and anywhere else, it was just that it was mainly people with small accounts and the branch wasn't making enough money from loans etc. He said that most people usually went into other shops after using the bank and that if they didn't come for the bank, the other shops would lose the custom too. It would be another nail in the coffin of the North Cheam shops.

If this holds a grain of truth then given that Victoria House is actually scheduled for demolition and redevelopment starting in August, it would be sensible to expect that the branch would gain a reasonable number of new customers once the flats start to fill up and that home loans would be needed to purchase the said flats. While they might not all necessarily pop immediately into the nearest bank to do so, being in a position to offer a slew of new home buyers financial products, and later on, re-mortgages etc., being on their doorstep must surely have its advantages. I wonder if Barclays have missed a trick here.

I wonder also if the new local councillors have considered speaking to Barclays and even pointing this out to them for the sake of trying to preserve North Cheam trade. If not I would call upon them to do so. After all, such a conversation is a lot cheaper than redoing all the pavements.