Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ruskin Break In

I have just received an email from a concerned blog reader about recent break ins in Ruskin Drive. He said:
"The police advised us to be extra vigilant and keep all windows and doors locked. They sound like opportunistic break ins, but happen in broad daylight with no witnesses coming forward."
He also added, which I heartily agree with:
"Let's keep an eye out for each other."

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densblue said...

A brief case was stolen from a car parked on a driveway in Colborne Way on 4th June at about 11-30am. A man delivering leaflets was seen with it. It was found later and returned to its owner. A big thank you to the lady who found it!!

Ace said...

.....I saw a teen delivering leaflets on Ruskin just before this break-in....wonder if its the same guy.
I have the leaflet he dropped in the mailbox, and I was suspicious at the time...I'll pass this to the police...thanks densblue

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