Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Our Changing High Street

There have been quite a few changes to our high street over the last few weeks and months with new shops opening and others closing down. There seems to have been a peak of activity lately so it's probably a good time to give a bit of a run down of the recent changes. In no particular order...

Hair Boutique had taken over from what was Acacia Hair and Beauty at the lower end of Central Road. Emma Anderson who used to be one of the stylists in Acacia took over the business at the beginning of the month (June). She has dropped the beautician side of things (apart from the spray tanning) and is concentrating on what she does best - hair styling. The business already has an up and running website here and are offering £25 cut & blow-dry every Monday and 20% off colour every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday. The phone number is 0208 330 4164. Emma told the blog that they are busy already!

A little further down the road Prospects Recruitment have closed their office and have moved to Chessington. I wonder whether they have taken their doorbell with them?
Even further down the road the old flower shop has transformed over a period of around 6 months into London & Surrey Gas Services. The winner of the narrowest shop award (or should that be shallowest shop?) looks to be specialising in Worcester Bosch water heaters. All they need to do is to call the little park behind these shops Bosch Park and the circle would be complete.

Further towards the station still (it doesn't get much further than this), the old Acquire Estate Agents is being transformed into "Mac Repairs in London". The gentleman inside the shop told the blog they would specialising in fixing computers, laptops and mobile phones. He also said they would be opening on Monday (just gone).

Meanwhile at the top of Central Road a new computer repairs and services shop Computer Surgery has just opened. Nick who has been running his computer repairs business from home in Lynwood Drive for years said it was time to expand the business a little and decided on this retail unit on the corner of St Philips Avenue.

Heading back down the hill again the 'Perfect Property Maintenance Company' has moved in next door into where Look '@' me used to be. This leaves the old Model Railway and Hobby Shop empty again!

And finally, moving across to the other side of the road, it looks as if the old FARA charity shop is about to reopen as charity furniture shop.

Update (19th June)

Mac Repairs appears to be open now:

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claire said...

Any news on when the new station bridge is going to open or what's holding it up?

Simon Densley (Blogger, Consv) said...

I went and spoke to them today. Know body seems to know it will be opening but there is now already infrastructure in place to remove the other one. I will post something about it soon.

Barry said...

What's holding it up?.... sorry Claire, had to laugh at that one! ;)

steve said...

Does anyone know about the new soft play that is due to be opened int he old supermarket near Cost cutters? Is this still going ahead as I saw they applied for a change in planning usage?

guest said...

Know body?

Simon Densley (Blogger, Consv) said...

Thanks - fixed!

ani said...

too many charity shops in this small local.

Nick said...

Apparently its too big!

Being at least ten times bigger than the old bridge it replaces.

Resident said...

The thought occurred to me: what actually happens to the 'old bridge'? Seems a waste to send it to landfill or even melt it down: I'm guessing someone, somewhere would be glad to take it off Network Rail's(?) hands and utilise it.

[I presume we'd all rather it recycled and someone get some beneficial use out of it?]

Adam said...

The charity shops are very welcome to me and others alike, every Saturday I trawl them looking for collectables. Many gems to be found.

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