Monday, 30 June 2014

Burning Your Bridges

The Bridge is dead. Long live the Bridge!

It seems that as one bridge closes another one truly opens. At least at Worcester Park station anyway where the new all singing, all dancing bridge complete with hot and cold running lifts has finally had the ribbon cut and is in full swing doing what bridges do best. I even walked across it just to make sure.
(I've not actually included a picture of it open here - seeing as this image will become rather familiar to most readers from here on. That and the fact that I had too many other pictures to squeeze in...)

Sadly however, at the other end of the platform, there is only a void where the once loved footbridge use to be. You can still see what it looked like here if the need takes you.

A couple of weeks ago short cables were embedded into the ground to to help secure the old bridge while they were removing it. The electrical cables were in the process of being isolated, cut and removed at the same time. The bridge was finally taken down over the weekend and can now be viewed in the station car park, discarded like so much scrap.

I'm sorry to have seen the old bridge go. I still haven't heard a decent explanation for why they couldn't have two bridges coexisting at the station. I don't see that having a choice of where to cross over to the opposite platform can really be that bad of a thing.


Readers will probably also remember the colourful graffiti that infected the new bridge almost as soon as it was put up (shown here). Blog reader Robert had been quick off the mark to contact the Director of Customer Services at South West Trains to draw his attention to the generally poor state of a number of stations in this area, and specifically to the graffiti on the new bridge here. On a positive note he received a speedy reply, some of which is quoted here:
"I have asked the local management team to arrange for the graffiti to be cleaned, which will be done just before the new footbridge is officially opened. They will also review the cleaning schedule at this location to ensure it is improved.
As for the general condition of the painting and station building. We also have a team that will within the next month or so touch up some of the painted areas. However Worcester Park station is on a national review list and could be subject to a complete new station building. This should be decided and act upon within the next 12 months."
It is good to see that as promised the graffiti has been removed. Nice to know we can also look forward to a bit repainting around the place in the next month or so.

What do readers think of the "complete new station building" idea? My initial thought is that the current one is quite adequate and rebuilding such a structure will cost a lot of money that we as fare payers and tax payers are eventually going to be footing the bill for. Plus it will mean a lot of disruption. I'd be interested to hear what you dear reader think though...

Update (10th August)

The lift which was out of order within a month of being first installed is now working again. I know because I have had a ride in both of them to make sure...