Monday, 5 May 2014

Vegan Get Together

Back on the 13th March, a new local vegan club met for the first time in "The Den" at Christchurch with St Philip. Blog reader Carol Williams who organised it told the blog that:
"10 people and a baby turned up for the first meeting. There was a great buzz about the whole occasion, with everyone saying how pleased they were to have this local group and thanking me for starting it up. Two people continued afterwards in the pub across the road, so we are making this a feature of the meetings in future, for those who wish to extend our time together. 
Most people brought food to share. We had a wonderful garlicky arthichoke dip, oat pancakes, a coffee and walnut cake, some homemade biscuits, marmite and cucumber sandwiches, an avocado wrap and a huge pot of homemade pasta salad.
Everyone wants to continue meeting and keep connected.
We welcome anyone who is interested in learning about what vegans eat, whether they are thinking seriously about becoming vegan yet, or not, and we are, of course, very keen to encourage everyone to eat a more plant based diet, for health, compassion on other animals and the wider environment. Much more information on all of these aspects from us, so please do join us."
They had another well attended meeting on the 10th April and the next one is scheduled for this Thursday 8th May - again in "The Den" at 7pm. As Carol said:
"Same time and place, same arrangement, bring some food to share and just enjoy yourself. Non vegans very welcome, only the food has to be vegan, and the diners sympathetic to the plant based diet lifestyle, whether or not they are committing to it yet. Enquirers, learners, vegetarians who want to eat less cheese etc - all welcome."
So if that appeals to you, why not pop along to the third vegan club meeting and enjoy a meal and a chat regarding all things vegan?