Friday, 2 May 2014

Missing A Big Yellow Box?

It's gone. The big yellow metal box which has been a feature at the top of St Philip's Avenue has finally been taken away, leaving a - well a space (and some bags of sand.)

The box was a sort of headquarters and storage unit for the shop front works going on at the top of the high street. The last bit to be done was a bit of scraping of painted pebble dash of the side of last building. This having been completed, the box was removed yesterday.

Some had thought the box was something to do with More Than Lofts but this was indeed not the case.

If you find yourself missing the box and need some box time, you can go and enjoy some up in North Cheam where they are doing the works up there. (There's one in Lavender Avenue and one in Courtenay Road.)

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Gino said...

The yellow boxes ,could they be Lib dem campaign out posts?
I ask because of the smaller box maybe used for members of their think tank.
More waste.

Guest said...

No Gino, comparing this photo to what's going on at North Cheam, this yellow box cannot possibly be anything to do with the Lib dems.
It is far too clean and tidy for a start. And with an en suite loo, it is far too organised. And anyway, if it had been the Lib dems, they would have dumped it in the middle of the road to block it completely or at least across someone's drive. Of course, not having anything to do with the Lib dems, it will probably finish on time and on budget and provide something useful.

Allymax said...

Wish the one at the top of Courtney Road would disappear soon - causing havoc at busy periods. Surely the North Cheam works must be nearly done?

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