Thursday, 8 May 2014

Meet The Candidates (Ukip)

I emailed both the Kingston and Sutton branches of Ukip with the same request I have sent to other parties asking them to submit their copy by 10am this morning.

At 10am, having received nothing I decided to follow up with a phone call and to offer a possible extension. The chap I spoke to at Kingston was very pleasant but said they were not dealing with the media and were concentrating of leafleting people instead. He said I had saved him an email as he was going to email me later on today to explain why they didn't want to take part.

Regarding Sutton, I had emailed my request to two of the email addresses on this page. When I finally managed to track down a telephone number for a person, I had a long chat with said person, explaining the situation and asking him to chase up the people I had sent emails to. This afternoon I received back an email from him saying they do not know anything about the email I sent them. He said he has spoken with Howard and Han-Ley (Ukip candidates in Nonsuch and Worcester Park wards respectively) and given the short time span they regret that they cannot comply with the request. (I had extended the deadline to 6pm this evening.)

He did however ask me to post the following short statement instead:
“UKIP in the London Borough of Sutton have been asked to provide a biography and the answer or opinion on 6 questions or local issues concerning the residents in Worcester Park. Unfortunately, for reasons that are unclear the email request setting out a date and deadline came and went without us ever becoming aware of it. Our local manifesto, can be found here 
After the racist assault conviction of Councillor Stephen Fenwick, UKIP in Sutton were keen to stand our bright,  young  local candidate, Han-Ley Tang against him in Worcester Park ward. Thankfully Councillor Fenwick is not seeking re-election thus sparing the electorate the job of sorting out his suitability. 
Our candidate in Nonsuch ward, Howard Cowley,  is a retired maritime engineer who lives with his Thai wife locally and has done so for many years. 
It is with regret that neither Howard nor Han-Ley were available at short notice to try and respond in the few hours available to them. 
All UKIP candidates live in the borough and many actually live in the ward they seek to represent.”