Saturday, 10 May 2014

Meet The Candidates (Liberal Democrats - Not)

As with every other party (and independent) standing in the local elections, I invited the Liberal Democrats to submit their copy for publication on the blog. Unlike every other party, I received back from them a rather curt response which basically boiled down to (and I quote directly):
"It would be highly inappropriate to take part in any discussion forum hosted by the opposition."
Well perhaps yes, maybe it could be argued that this is the case, but it doesn't seem to have stopped any of the other parties from accepting my invitation. It is just a shame that the Lib Dems have declined to contribute to something that at the end of the day, is for the benefit of the people of Worcester Park.

Promoted by Ranulph Murray, on behalf of Sutton Borough Conservatives Federation, both of 2a Sutton Court Road, Sutton, SM1 4SY

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Kendo said...

I note that the lib dem's leaflet put through the door has a breakdown of the percentage of people who voted for the 3 main parties at the last general election, telling us it's a 2-horse race. Despite the fact that these elections are local and EU, making those stats irrelevant!

Simon Densley (Blogger, Consv) said...

Here's an interesting look at the Lib Dem 'two horse race' phenomenon:

A Local said...

Is the Worcester Park Blog 'for the benefit of the people of Worcester Park' or for the benefit of St Helier Resident Simon Densley so that he can further his ambitions to become a Conservative politician? It is surprising any local candidate would want to be involved with this site. Come back original Worcester Park Blogger, we miss you!

adrianshort said...

It would be very helpful to me and others if you could photograph/scan it and upload it to Thanks.

Guest D said...

All of them are at it, providing true statements which are completely misleading. The Tories for example are comparing the Council Tax in Inner London Wandsworth with Sutton, though they have a completely different grant structure, rather than with Croydon a very similar borough to Sutton, as that has a very slightly higher Council Tax.

I heard somewhere that as far as the EU elections it is a two horse race, but neither the LibDems or the Tories are in that field.

adrianshort said...

Voting in the EU election is held across the whole of London, which collectively elects 8 MEPs on a proportional representation basis. You vote for a party, not a candidate, and the bigger parties get MEPs roughly proportionate to their vote share. In the last EU election in 2009, the MEPs elected in London were: 3 Tories, 2 Labour, 1 Lib Dem, 1 Green, 1 Ukip.

As the votes are added up across the whole of London it doesn't matter which parties are strong in your local area. Sutton and Cheam is only 1% of the voters in London, and who "wins" here (i.e. gets the most votes) doesn't in itself make much difference to which MEPs get elected.

Gino said...

Another excuse not to do something ,taken from the almighty book of left ology.
Under volume 1 : Why promote your good deeds or intensions when you don't have to.
There is always a reason for not doing something ,they have shown that for (28) years. etter
I wish I could get that secret in roll form.
Missed opportunities and arrogance ,we the community deserve better.

Alex said...

Kendo is quite right. I too have received a European Elections mailshot from Sutton's Liberal Democrats. It explicitly relates to the European Elections, but if there was any doubt, the words 'Europe', 'European' or 'EU' appear more than 30 times on the 3 pages of text.

Twice in three pages, the same statistics are quoted, but they are not for the 2009 European Election, (where the Lib Dems came 3rd in London, with a falling share of the vote, and far behind Labour). Nor do they relate to any European Election.

The stats used on the Lib Dems European Election campaign are actually those for the 2010 General Election, with the addition, in bold, of "Can't Win" against Labour. That's even though, in reality and in London, Labour received 372,000 votes against the Lib Dems 240,000 in the 2009 European Election.

Even the graph showing the (irrelevant) 2010 General Election results is deliberately deceptive: Labour's 7% is represented by a 5mm slither, whilst the Lib Dems 46% is represented by a towering block over 42mm high: on the same scale would represent not 46%, but 60% of the vote!

Gino said...

Lib deception ?
Well I never.
The wool only gets pulled over the eyes of those that make the same mistakes.
And there's more.

Bexx Bissell said...

I'm a bit surprised to hear that Simon lives in St Helier. Perhaps he works in Worcester Park. If so that would explain his interest in taking over The Worcester Park Blog. I do agree though that he has taken over a good local community blog and has transformed it into a partisan political blog and in doing so has ruined it.

Gino said...

Shout down freedom of speech and freedom of choice .
Please give volume number to complete statement.
Ruin as in Victoria House.

Alex said...

There are currently 3 local Lib Dem Councillors in the Worcester Park and Nonsuch Wards:
In the Nonsuch Ward, there are 2 Lib Dem Councillors, but neither live in the Nonsuch Ward.
In the Worcester Park Ward there remains 1 Lib Dem Councillor, but (I'm sure you guessed) they don't actually live in the Worcester Park Ward.

In short, none of the local Lib Dem Councillors live amongst the communities who they represent.

It seems acceptable for the Lib Dems to have had this arrangement for the last 4 years and without drawing any criticism from you. Is it just the other parties who need to play by different rules?

Your growing number of increasingly political comments are beginning to look like the work of someone closer to the Lib Dems than they would like to let on.

Bexx Bissell said...

Hi Alex. Firstly let me assure you that I have no connection with the Lib Dems or any other party. I could be classed as a floating voter I suppose. I don't think I have posted anything in favour of any party. I have only expressed the fact that I don't like the way a blog that was always a community blog has become very political. Bearing in mind that the blog is run by a Conservative candidate the political aspect of this blog has manifested itself over the past week or so as a vey strong Conservative bias This might have made my comments about the blog look like an anti Conservative stance and if it did it was not intended.

I realise that not all coucillors can live in the ward they represent and I never questioned that. If you re-read my post I was just wondering why someone who doesn't live in Worcester Park would want to take over the blog and I also said that one possible reason could be that Simon might work in Worcester Park. My surprise that he doesn't live in Worcester Park stems purely from the fact that I prevously just assumed he did.

I have posted on this blog on and off for a number of years and if you read my recent posts you will see that I stated that I thought Simon got the balance right until recently. I don't really know how stating that I don't like the way this blog has gone makes you think that I am one of Nick Clegg's minions.

Bexx Bissell said...

Sorry Gino. I'm not sure what you are getting at.

Bexx Bissell said...

Just for clarity I understand that there is an election and therefore Meet the Candidates is relevant and this will generate polical comments, including from Simon. I have no problem with that. It's the polical bias within the actual blog posts that bothers me. Maybe it should say at the top of the page, in prominent letters, that the blog is run by Simon Densley, Conservatve candidate, or something similar. That would make it harder for anyone to suggest that the goodwill built up over the years by a non- aligned blog is being used up to gain political advantage.

Gino said...

And one Lib standing in W.P lives in Nonsouch.,the latest arrival .

Gino said...

I was referring to your opinion of the blog being ruined . Perhaps you would like to read my comment made about five hours ago.
Hopefully the penny ,not the one on income tax ,remember the old answer to everything , will drop.

Bexx Bissell said...

Perhaps you'd like to read my reply to Alex.

Bexx Bissell said...

It's the political bias within the blog posts themselves thar has spoiled it for me Gino. No problem with political debate in the comments section. That leaves plenty of scope for free speech.

Gino said...

I do understand your sentiments regarding the posts. I think it is worth remembering that in the same way that a radio talk show works ,so it is with the blogger. For example there are people who care enough to listen to the show . The people who make the effort to call ,do so for many reasons however although unbiased unless declared ,the host may present the topic for debate in a provocative manner so as to invoke debate ,for he/she understands that it is the people that make the show. I believe this to be fair so long as the facts are presented .
I hope that you will continue with your contribution towards the W.P. community blog.

Bexx Bissell said...

If I wanted to read a political blog there were plenty I could have chosen from. It's a shame that a blog I loved has been ruined like this. I now live in fear of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue being edited by a politician who re-arranges all of the words in the programme to turn it into a Party Political Broadcast. In my opionion you should have made it clear in all of your posts that you are a candidate in the elections Gino.

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