Saturday, 10 May 2014

Meet The Candidates (Labour - Sutton)

Party: Labour

Ward: Nonsuch (LB Sutton)

Name: Shawn Buck
I grew up in the borough of Sutton and have worked in Sutton at Quadrant House near Sutton station for many years. Since 1999 I have worked in selling digital and print advertising, and event sponsorship to a wide range clients in the aviation industry in Europe and the Middle East, My role involves extensive travel to meet clients at their offices, as well as attending major industry events such as Paris, Farnborough and Dubai air shows, I am a member of the Aviation Club of the UK. I am interested in Transport issues and more support for local businesses

Laura Mullaney
I have lived in Nonsuch ward for 19 years, and I was born in St. Helier hospital. I attended Nonsuch High School and now work in Rachel Reeves MP’s Westminster office. I’m passionate about local issues, including protecting the vital services that St. Helier provides in the long-term, a campaign which Labour have backed nationally. The eyesore of Victoria House in North Cheam which, although is finally due to be demolished, has stood empty for far too long whilst the Lib Dems and Tories have fought amongst themselves. I believe that Labour can do a lot for local people by listening to their concerns on these and other issues, and I am willing to stand up for local views and work to get the best deal possible for the local community.

Dr Marcus Papadopoulos
I have lived in Worcester Park, and the Nonsuch Ward, all my life therefore I know the area, its people and local economy intimately. I know people’s concerns in-depth – from traffic congestion along Central Road to demands on local schools – and would press these hard and candidly, if elected. From a professional perspective, I work with leading politicians from the three main parties at Westminster enabling me to gain insight to the policy decisions of the Coalition Government and how these are being formulated and implemented. That would stand me in good stead to tackle the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in Sutton regarding, for instance, cuts to local government budgets and policing and the dire consequences these are having in Sutton. I also understand the culture of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties by my close connections to their prominent politicians and through meeting activists at their respective autumn and spring party conferences.

Ward: Worcester Park (LB Sutton)

John Evers
I am a caretaker at Kingston College and have lived in Worcester Park Ward for a number of years with my wife and daughter.  I have contested this ward in 2002, 2006 and 2010 and was the Parliamentary Candidate for South West Surrey in 1987 and a candidate in the GLC elections of 1977 and 1981. A Labour Councillor in St.Helier from  1982 to 1986, I am an active member of Unite the Union where I am the union learning representative for my branch.

David Hosking
I have lived in Worcester Park ward for 26 years and work for the NHS. I believe in the fundamental principles of the NHS and the need for a publicly owned and publicly accountable railway. I enjoy gardening and cycling.

Hilary Hosking
Hilary Hosking lives in Worcester Park Ward in Longfellow Road and has lived there for 26 years. She not only can express an opinion on parking and traffic, but actually experiences it day and night. She has stood for local election in the area in 1998, 2002, 2006 and 2010, so has knocked on doors and delivered leaflets across the area over the years. She works in the rail Industry and actively campaigns for better transport services as a member of the trade union TSSA. She is a keen gardener and cyclist.

Policies (Sutton wards)

Traffic and Transport
We have a bottleneck at the Railway Bridge in Central Road exacerbated by the amount of traffic coming out of newer developments in Green Lane. In the short-term we need to continually review traffic management in order to reduce traffic jams and cut through traffic and identify small gains that improve parking for residents locally, including rejecting planning applications that add to traffic flow. In the longer term we need to get Sutton, Merton and Kingston Council’s to agree traffic management and planning policy for the roads and land north of Green Lane and Mayflower Park that might eventually lead to consultation over a second crossing over the railway line which might not be considered until the future of the Gas Works site is resolved. In other words this issue cannot be completely resolved by one borough and should be addressed by Councillors and Councils in the three boroughs.

Housing and Planning
Labour is committed to:

  • 400 more affordable local homes in the next 4 years to help local residents to rent, buy or join a shared ownership scheme.
  • Protect viability Worcester Park and resist takeaways, payday lenders and betting shops whilst protecting traditional ‘local’ pubs as community hubs
  • We will undertake a full environmental impact analysis before planning consent is given to any significant development or change of use.
  • We condemn anyone who uses planning applications to promote racist or fascist ideologies and suggest residents read the Hope Not Hate Website’s watch list of extreme right candidates for Sutton 
  • Oppose out of town shopping centres. Sutton needs investment in its local retailing infrastructure enabling people to shop locally without over reliance on the car
  • A better repairs service to improve council homes with the Council still a landlord and with its rents being capped.
Rubbish and Recycling
The Liberal Democrats have agreed to the build an incinerator in the borough. We will seek to withdraw the Council from contracts and aim for more quality green jobs instead.
Thus, Labour will tackle Sutton’s appalling recycling rates and set a target of 50% recycling after consultation with residents. We will be focused on delivering tangible improvements in contrast in Lib Dem publicity gimmicks like dumping 11 tons of rubbish in Sutton High Street.

We recognise the concerns raised by residents about littered, overgrown and untidy gardens and so will launch an ‘Eyesore Garden Project’ involving local people in days of action, resulting in enforcement notices wherever necessary.
Labour will work with energy companies and government to assist householders retro-fit their homes far more quickly to reduce their carbon footprint
For more information go to our full Manifesto here:

Children and Education
Labour will meet the need for additional secondary phase places in the borough by supporting  the expansion of existing schools and by building a new comprehensive secondary school, to be sponsored by an existing Sutton Academy Trust, Co-operative Foundation Trust or similar not for profit body.
We will work with a future Labour Government in its plans to extend free childcare for three and four year olds from 15 hours to 25 hours per week.

We will Introduce Code Clubs for all pupils to learn programming skills and a new careers service to help our children’s future
We will provide early supportive interventions to keep families together, reducing the need for foster placement and forced adoption. Labour will also help foster carers by providing additional support services and increasing the Foster Carer’s Grant.

For more information go to our our website here:

The Local Economy
We use local shops all the time and know some of the shopkeepers. We will work with local traders to continue the regeneration of the Worcester Park shopping area at a time of recession looking at new events and activities that might draw shoppers to the area, perhaps with deals for Oyster Card holders to minimise the traffic impact. We will encourage improvement in activity of local charity shops so that Worcester Park develops a unique ‘not for profit’ ‘Worcester Park Village’ retail offer. In addition:
Council Tax to pay for service improvements should be raised at no higher than inflation in any given year for the next four years, so residents know what to budget for.
We will tackle expensive lending locally and provide better advice services to help you get on.
Fair wages and fair Employment practice
Make Sutton a fully wi-fi enabled borough

Promoted by Mary Towler on behalf of Shawn Buck, Laura Mullaney, Marcus Papadopoulos, John Evers, David Hosking, Hilary Hosking and Sutton Labour Party all at 111c Stayton Road, Sutton, SM1 2PS