Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Meet The Candidates (Independent)

Party: Independent
Ward: Worcester Park (LB Sutton)
Name: Richard Edmonds

I am retired engineer and a Sutton resident, and I have worked in London most of my life. I see Britain and especially England as over-populated. On current trends of immigration , we native Britons will become a minority within a generation. Our once proud and law-abiding cities are now becoming riot-ravaged, permanent crime-zones. Who can forget those days and nights of rioting in the summer of 2011 ? To their shame the authorities totally lost control of the situation. As a British patriot I know that we should leave the European Union; it is a bureaucratic, undemocratic, corrupt, expensive and unaccountable nightmare of a monster. Let us be true to our Traditions: Rule from our own Westminster, and not from Brussels.

Traffic and Transport:
For those who live in Worcester Park, those who work and shop in Worcester Park, those who travel to school in Worcester Park, those who worship in Worcester Park, and those who travel through Worcester Park to some-where else along the very busy A2043, and not forgetting the pedestrians who need to cross from one side to the other,  ALL know of the confluence (Yes, rather like several mighty rivers merging into one river basin) of the resulting, almost permanent traffic jam that is Central Road during a large part of the day. All matters of town planning, both from the point of view of the locals, whose town Worcester Park is, and from the larger all- London perspective, should bear the traffic problems of Central Road very much in mind.

Housing and Planning
With regard to Town planning in the context of Housing:It has to be asked: is there any planning undertaken by the Central Authorities at the Home Office, with regard to the on-going, and very high levels of immigration into Britain, and the consequent pressure that this immigration puts on the demand for housing ? In this context, two vital questions for our community arise: How can the Green Belt, the "lungs of London" be protected, and the urban sprawl of London be contained ? There are seven million of us living in this city. And secondly with the resulting pressure on housing, how are young Britons ever to find a home on their own: the immigrant-fed demand for housing,results in higher rents, higher house-prices, higher mortgage payments, higher down payments. It is elementary that one cannot put two pints into a one-pint bottle.

Rubbish and Recycling:
Well I am sure that I am not alone in expressing the hope that the Council manages to maintain a weekly collection of the house-hold rubbish, and that we in Sutton, do not experience what was imposed upon the residents and rate-payers in other less well organized communities, namely the rubbish taken only every other week.

Children and Education:
We live in an ever increasingly competitive world. This is true in every aspect of modern life. The young are growing up in a world, where the centres of trade, of manufacture, of design, of research and development, etc., etc. are located in countries all around the globe; and all are in keen competition with each other. The days when Britain was the work-shop of the world and had a monopoly on trade and manufacture: that is long gone. Education is the key to earning a worth-while place in the modern world. I will only say here: the abilities and aptitudes of all children should be born in mind and catered for: the academically bright, and those who want to learn a trade; and that all young persons should feel wanted, that they are needed, and have a vital role to fulfil in society, whatever their abilities.

The Local Economy:
Worcester Park is part and parcel of one of the greatest cities in the world. When one talks of the "local economy" - is one talking of the shops in Central Road ? - I'm only asking. Or is one talking of the finance houses of the City of London, Insurance, Assurance, etc., etc. Vast amounts of the trade and financing of the world is master-minded from London. Products manufactured the other side of the globe are designed by teams of engineers and technicians in London. Shall I mention: Harley Street, London W.1., for those world-wide in need of the best medical attention possible. Have I made my point ? The local economy extends a very long way.

Promoted by Richard Edmonds of PO Box 279, Sutton, SM1 9AR

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Karina said...

I was going to write a reasonable response to this, but I don't want to give this man any more headspace than necessary. It boiled down to this: Take your fascist ideology and fuck off out of Worcester Park. You are not wanted here.

Guest said...

On this page, by far the most offensive statements and by far the closest comments to fascist ideology are those by Karina.

No doubt the WP Blogger will remove her comment (or at least edit out the worst of her ignorance), as people like her don't deserve any headspace whatsoever.

However, as she adequately proves in just a short paragraph: placing the word "anti" in front of "fascist" is an equal and opposite mirror image of the same evil - Worcester Park would undoubtedly be better off without either.

Jonathan said...

I agree Karina's comments are inappropriate. It would have been far better to say, according to the Sutton Guardian, Richard Edmonds "has previously represented far-right parties the National Front and the British National Party" and then allow people to make up their own minds about what he may represent.

Andrew (the former WP Blogger) said...

If Richard Edmonds continues to produce this amount of garbage Worcester Park will need to have daily bin collections, not weekly.

(Sent from the 'less well organized community' of Ashtead).

Karina said...

Gosh yes, those awful antifascists with their rude words. Far better to be someone who has a history of holocaust denial, that's definitely less offensive than a swear word.

I will absolutely not apologise or retract my statement. This man is beneath contempt, and any right thinking community would want nothing to do with him or his brand of politics.

Guest said...

Karina, Your venomous, anarchic ramblings offer a direct contrast to the structured, careful and measured approach of the candidate.

You managed to make an extremist read like he is both mainstream and a victim – and that is exactly what he craves!

The contented ignorance of your second attempt only made it worse. Behaving like an inebriated thug, you have allowed this candidate and his views to appear comparatively reasonable and respectable.

Worcester Park deserves better than you making a third, self-destructive attempt.

Karina said...

He stood for election in the 2012 elections for the National Front. This candidate's views will *never* appear reasonable, mainstream, or respectable, except maybe in comparison to Hitler, and even then it's a stretch. This man is about as close to a Nazi as it is possible to get, and I will not apologise for saying that his views are not representative of Worcester Park.

I'm actually a little appalled that there are now three comments on this post attacking me when the content of the post has been written by a man who claimed that the holocaust was an "evil hoax", and who was sentenced to three months in prison for his part in an attack on a mixed race couple.

If you care about the reputation of Worcester Park I suggest you start directing that vitriol at the person who wrote this blog post before people start thinking you agree with him. Personally I'd rather not see Worcester Park gain a reputation for being sympathetic towards views like the candidate's.

adrianshort said...

If fascism is exterminating millions of people in death camps and anti-fascism is opposing that, it's hard to see how the two are equivalent.

Guest said...

I think you'll find (quite easily and quickly) that's a superficial, inadequate, if not plain incorrect understanding of both terms.

"Adrian Short works to get people the information they need, when they need it, in a way that they can understand".

Oh well, never mind.

adrianshort said...

Can you do better? You don't seem to have attempted it.

Guest said...

As a decent and informative starting point, I'd suggest simply looking up the word 'fascism' on Wikipedia.

I'd certainly urge against paying some opportunist third party to retrieve what's already in the public domain and/or otherwise publicly accessible at zero cost.

adrianshort said...

Thanks. That's a really valuable research tip.

I wish people would pay me for that kind of thing. It sounds like money for old rope.

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