Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Hooray I'm At The Top!

For many readers the realisation that an election is coming is probably starting to bite. Meanwhile for those of us actually involved in it, it is an extremely intense and exhausting time right now!

There are of course the many leaflets that need delivering to all the homes in the area as well as knocking on doors and chatting to people on their doorsteps about local issues, views etc. (I admit I rather like that part of it.) But the thing that really brought it home that it was really happening was seeing the published "Statement of persons nominated" form. It really is rather odd seeing your own name on the official electoral form or on a ballot paper. I wonder if the 'professional politicians' ever get used to it. Then again I guess they get used to being photographed standing in front of giant pictures of themselves so I suppose the 'ballot paper thrill' dissipates after a few elections.

The order of the candidates on the ballot paper is always in alphabetical order by surname (at least I'm not aware of anywhere that doesn't do this.) Excitingly for me, having a surname starting with 'D', this has put me right at the top of the Worcester Park ward one (out of 11 candidates). (Stewart and Gino are at numbers 7 and 8 - in case you were wondering...)

We have also all been sent a 'what happens next if you get elected sheet.' The two weeks following the election is filled with orientation evenings so new councillors can find out how it all work and get their photos taken and all that stuff. Then on the second Monday in June is the first full council meeting of the new administration. We all have to get all of this in our diaries now - just in case...

Heady times!

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