Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Bike Fix

Dr Bike Events in Sutton, Summer 2014
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Simon Densley with police marking his bicycleThis coming Wednesday at 4pm there will be free bike maintenance and cycling advice out the front of the Central Road Police office. Police will also be marking bikes to deter thefts as they have done numerous times in the past. The event is being called an on-street Dr. Bike event and is one of many similar events taking place over the summer around Sutton.

Cycle Power LogoThis is a good thing for cyclists however I think a trick has been missed here. When I initially received the email request to post this on the blog, my first thought was to phone Cycle Power in Central Road and ask if they were involved. It turns out they didn't know anything about it. Cycle Power, a local independent business has been involved in the Police bike marking events in the past, offering free cycle safety checks. Surely such an event should make a point of bringing local businesses on board for a truly community event rather than bringing in an outside contractor and ignoring the local businesses that are more than capable and willing to contribute. (So I'm giving them a plug here instead.)