Friday, 25 April 2014

On The Map For All The Wrong Reasons

This morning Worcester Park had its 15 seconds of fame as Nigel Farage questioned the media's coverage of Ukip members saying and doing 'repellent' things while apparently ignoring the Lib Dems being equally bad. Of course the example he chose was our very own Councillor Fenwick - although he only said "A Lib Dem Councillor in Worcester Park" as opposed to naming Cllr Fenwick himself.

Perhaps this is not the best of reasons for our town to be brought to the nation's attention on BBC Breakfast News. I suppose by doing so he has directly helped to turn that situation around a bit...

The blog should point out the Cllr Fenwick stopped being a Liberal Democrat soon after news of his conviction got out. He is not standing for re-election.