Tuesday, 29 April 2014

May Be Time For A Market

It's that time of year again when Central Road begins to play host to local produce and craft markets. The first of four planned for the year is this coming Saturday starting at 10:00am and going through 'til 4:00.

I don't know if anyone agrees that what seemed to start out quite well last year seems to have turned into rather sad little affairs by December. The first one had lots of stalls and lots of people but each one seemed to have less stalls and less people than the last one. I would have thought there is a critical mass of stalls required to make people want to come along to a market and that just making do with less and less stalls each time isn't going to attract more and more people.

However this is a whole new year and it's perhaps time to welcome said market with open arms and really make an effort to help 'make it work' by heading down and buying actual stuff from them in order to make it worth their while being there! Perhaps with a new round of markets there has been a big injection of oomph to get the first one really going. It's certainly not going to survive as an independent market if last year's trend continues.

What do you think dear reader? If we had the option to give the market at external boost and get some other things in to attract more people, would this be make enough of a difference to get you to want to go along (if you haven't much before)? Or do you think if it doesn't improve then things should be allowed to follow their natural course? I personally feel that letting it limp along like it did last year is not really an option.