Monday, 14 April 2014

Lit Up Line Up

A few people have commented about the new shop fronts and signage at the top of Central Road. This is one aspect of the Outer London Fund (OLF) project that I think has genaraly been implemented rather well.

The neon signs look really good when they all on in a row - although I have yet to see it with every single one on. As one guest commented a few days ago:
"All bar two of the neon signs were lit yesterday evening and it looked really great. Come on Stitch Right and the accountants, join the party please."
The awnings look good too when they are all out - that will be nice for the summer.

I contacted the architectural firm Jan Kattein Architects regarding why they recommended painting the art-deco façade rather than restoring it to it's original glory. Tony Staples from the firm told the blog:
"We often encourage restoration of original features on existing buildings, however at 2-18 Central Road the façade had undergone different treatments at different times. Sometimes painted and sometimes re-rendered with varying quality and finish. Given the existing state of the building we felt that repainting not only delivered the greatest visual impact but also represented best value for money."
He also sent a photo of the original finish before the painting was done in order to show what he meant (Click on the picture to enlarge):

I just hope the council has a plan for what happens if any of these shops move or go out of businesses. This only works if all the shops partake. If a new shop moves in I hope the resulting change of signage will be in keeping with the theme and not spoil the effect.