Thursday, 3 April 2014

Its A Frogs Life

Today I learned something new. Since 1989 there has been an organisation whose goal is to encourage the local community to help conserve amphibians and reptiles. They are called Froglife.

I had an email from Eddie Brede who is the Habitats & Training Officer for Froglife. He had heard about some Worcester Park Volunteers (he was actually thinking of the 'Worcester Park Station Volunteers' and wondered if we might be interested in some free training in amphibian/reptile identification, ecology and surveying.

When I suggested there may be other people in Worcester Park possibly interested in this, his attitude was 'The more the merrier!'

Eddie told the blog:
"The course would be organised locally (Sutton Ecology Centre), include both classroom/fieldwork, be on a weekend if this suited the group and would be accessible to all; we are not trying to create mini ‘David Attenborough’s’ merely to encourage people from all fields of life to become involved in local conservation. As previously mentioned there would be no cost and the course would be approximately 4-5 hours."
The reason it is free is that Froglife see this as a win win situation. We get free training, and they get more people who understand and would be more likely to want to help conserve amphibians and reptiles, which is what their goal is to achieve.

Eddie added that:
"After your training we would hope that some of your group would want to survey wildlife sites (including Carew Manor wetland/Caraway Place/Mayflower Park) in your local borough. This said, there is no obligation to do this and we as an organisation see our training as a ‘win-win’ scenario either way."
If any readers would like to be involved with this and receive some free training as described, please email eddie on with "Worcester Park volunteer surveyors course" in the subject line.