Sunday, 13 April 2014

In Which Blogger Has A Chat With Boris

Simon Densley, Stewart Mackay, Boris Johnson and Gino Marotta
Simon Densley (a.k.a. Me), Stewart Mackay, Boris 'The Mayor' Johnson and Gino Marotta
Most blog readers are now well aware that I have been selected to stand in May's council elections for the Conservative party in Worcester Park. It was while wearing my 'Council Candidate hat' that I was summoned to City Hall with other local candidates on Thursday to meet with Boris (our London Mayor), thanks to Steve O'Connell.

While we unfortunately didn't have as much time to talk as I would have liked, we did manage to raise a couple of issues with him. Firstly I reminded him of the need to ensure we get Crossrail 2 to call at Worcester Park - he remembers our campaign and petition and is keeping them in mind... Also, being that traffic is such a major problem in Worcester Park, we are pushing for a major cross boundary review of the whole traffic situation in the area to try to see what can actually be done to alleviate the problem.

If we manage to get ourselves elected in May we will be working with our counterparts in Kingston and other boroughs to look seriously at this issue and try to solve the problem. We have already spoken to Cllr David Fraser and Mary Clark in Old Malden ward in Kingston and I've spoken with Cllr Maurice Groves in Lower Morden ward in Merton about what can be done to solve what is a mutual problem for all of us. If we can get Boris on board as well we might actually be able to make some proper headway on this. We have now at least managed to start that conversation. We also managed the obligatory photo as well...