Thursday, 17 April 2014

High Street Egg Hunt

Easter is just about upon us. And to help the locals celebrate (and particularly the younger locals) Our Worcester Park Traders have organised a High Street Easter Egg Hunt to challenge the observational powers of our young people (and provide them with prizes at the end.)

Worcester Park’s children are invited to take part in the special local event which spans the length of Worcester Park High Street (That would be Central Road and Windsor Road). In the windows of some of the local traders have been placed A5 sized pictures of Easter eggs. Each of these coloured egg pictures is identical and carries the distinctive local ‘OWP’ logo - as seen on the left here. (Some eagle-eyed shoppers may have noticed a few of these already...)

Children are invited to pick up an entry form from Waitrose on Saturday between 9am and 1pm. This form has 10 spaces for the names of any 10 of the shops displaying one of these Easter Egg Pictures. All the children need to do is find 10 of them and fill in the names of those 10 shops where they found them (just make sure you bring a pen or pencil to fill in the form). When they return the completed form to Waitrose they will receive a special Easter Treat.

This is all being organised by Worcester Park's traders with the prizes being donated by Waitrose so there is no cost involved. However there is a limited (albeit large) number of entry forms (and prizes) so get in early!