Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Farmers Market

After the disappointing North Cheam farmers market last month, tomorrow a special effort is being made by the local traders to bring forth a super farmers market (not to be confused with a farmers super-market). The special Easter farmers market is starting as usual at 9:30 but has been extended through to 3pm. There will be special local stalls plus an Easter egg hunt, perhaps - almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the Worcester Park traders version.

The big carrots have been hung out again, perhaps this time as an enticement for a big bunny rabbit to turn up...

So for market stalls, fresh and local produce plus extra Eastery stuff thrown in, head to the bigger farmers market extravaganza at the North Cheam crossroads tomorrow. (That would be today if you are reading this on Saturday morning - or sorry you missed it if you are reading it much later than that.)