Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Dig This Power Cable

Remember that large hole in the pavement outside Nefis six weeks ago? Well it seems it went into hiding and has popped back for another visit, this time 20 yards further down the road outside The Brook pub (Ideally placed to collect unsuspecting patrons leaving the pub.)

The reason is the same: One of the two parallel high voltage (11,000V) power cables which serves the entire Worcester Park area has failed. The cable was about 70 years old or so. It was one of two cables - they keep a redundant one in case one fails so that thousands of homes and businesses don't all lose power at once. So right now we are on the spare only.

They are looking to change the actual cable over tonight and hopefully fill it all back in tomorrow. In the meanwhile nobody boil any kettles okay?

Update (29th April, around 11:30pm)

As promised they are indeed fixing it now (See new photo on the right here). Although they aren't so sure about the 'having it all filled in again tomorrow' bit. They think it will be more likely be by the end of the week.