Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dash To The Rescue

A little over a month ago the blog reported on the poor state of the new tree surrounds which were starting to crumble only months after being laid (anyone see a pattern forming here?) The blog can report that this latest problem has now been addressed in the last week with new, more yellowy pebble dash replacing the old - at least around certain trees anyway.

Another problem with the previous tree surrounds is that they became rather slippery when rained upon (a phenomenon known to occur from time to time). It looks (or at least feels) that this problem has also been addressed in these new tree surrounds. They felt much less slippery under my feet that the other ones. (I must have looked a bit odd yesterday walking between trees running my feet over the pebbled surfaces, comparing results with a ponderous look - but sometimes that's what's required...) I had heard that there were plans to de-slipify (I know it's a made up word thanks) the surrounds. I hope they manage to get the others done too.