Saturday, 1 March 2014

The Next Thing To Go

For blog readers wondering what was going to be the next thing to start falling apart in the high street, we now have the answer. If you had put your bets on the pebble-dash tree surrounds, you can collect your winnings now.

The decorative porous surface surrounding the tree at the corner of Brinkley Road (in front of Central Plumbing Supplies) has now started to crumble away, leaving the underlying membrane and other layers exposed. Only one small corner is affected so far (in as much as a circle can include a small corner) - so hopefully this will be patched quickly before the hole expands.

Once again the question hangs in the air though: If this one only took six months before starting to break up, how long will the rest of them last? It just doesn't feel like any of this has been built to last long into the future. I'm sure I have seen similar work in other boroughs that has lasted years if not decades. Why can't we have that here in Worcester Park?

Anyone want to speculate on what will be next?

Update (10th March)

In case anyone thought the above was a one off, on the right is a picture of the pebble-dash surrounding the tree outside Sainsbury's at the top of Central Road.

I'm dying for them to say they used the wrong type of bonding agent here so I can say 'Snap'!