Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The Hole At The Bottom Of The High Street

(or Power To The People)

Blog readers (and others) may have wondered what was the purpose of the big hole in the pavement in front of Nefis at the bottom of Central Road today.

The blog can report that this is all to do with the electricity problems from a few days ago. The gentlemen digging the hole told the blog that one of the two high voltage power cables has failed. This is apparently the cable that serves the entire Worcester Park area. There are two under there, side by side, in case one fails then the other carries the load.

So what has happened is that one did fail and so if the other one fails for any reason, Worcester Park loses all its power for a long time, and so it needs to be fixed.

They started digging last night and the digging phase of the operation should be finished before tomorrow morning. The sparkies should be in tomorrow to do the actual fixing of the cable and then the hole should be back filled in again by around the end of the week.

Update (17th March)

Blog reader Andy has sent in some video showing (as he has already described in a comment below):
"They were pumping water this Friday and forcing pedestrians into the road. Mothers with prams. Even the keep left traffic sign is placed on the wrong side of the road. Not good. Not good at all..."