Tuesday, 25 March 2014

The Domino Effect

I have heard a rumour that on the grape vine, according to a little bird, the old Debra charity shop might be about to become a... *looks around nervously and takes a deep breath before whispering* ...Dominos Pizza shop.

Planning permission was granted by Sutton Council on the 12th March  for:
"Change of use of premises for purposes falling within Use Class A5 (Hot Food Takeaway) erection of a single storey rear extension following removal of existing store installation of extract duct, a/c units and air compressor at rear and new shopfront."
However it seems nowhere in the public planning application did it specify Dominos (you can have a look yourself here) so perhaps they had wanted to keep it quiet. It's a good thing the eyes and ears of Worcester Park are open...

Whether or not we want to see another take away/delivery food shop in Central Road is a point I will leave for discussion.

Remember though, you heard it here first folks...

Update (4th April)

And there we have it... Planning application No A2014/69192 is for the "Display of internally illuminated fascia and projecting box sign" being applied for by Domino's Pizza UK & Ireland Ltd.