Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Stolen Pink Scooter

A little girl has had her scooter stolen from near the duck ponds in the Hamptons. Her mother, Minka, contacted the blog and said:
"My daughter's scooter was stolen last Wednesday around 3.30pm next to the duck ponds in the Hamptons.  
It's a maxi micro scooter with an extendable t-bar handle, raspberry pink board, black handle grips. It had a pink bell, lots of rubber bands at the bottom and a sticker with my daughter's name: Zofia Bonnage. 
I'm still hopeful we'll get it back - it was her birthday present and used daily to get to school! If you find it please let me know, many thanks, Minka 07905 116 731"
If you are aware of the whereabouts of this little girls scooter, please do the right thing and either contact the police or her mother on the phone number given.