Friday, 14 March 2014

Spring Farmers Market

It's time to dust of the wellingtons, grab you favourite piece of straw to suck on and put on your best west country accent as the North Cheam Farmers' Market rolls into town once more.

You can go grab your freshly grown produce (and a few other bits 'n' pieces) up at the North Cheam shopping area at the corner of London Road and Cheam Common Road (and Malden Road if your coming from the 'other side') tomorrow (Saturday 15th March) from 9:30am onwards (or at least until after lunch).

The spring has sprung so why not head down and support the farmers...

Ooh Arr

Update (4th April)

Well it may have been a Spring farmers market but unfortunately there wasn't much spring in it's step. The blog spoke to a few traders and all said it was disappointing. The poor bread woman had shelves full of bread that she was going to have to throw away as it had to be sold the same day.

Ben Rafferty from Ecolocal who was managing the market also told the blog that he thought it was a bit dissapointing. However apparently the Farmers Market this month (April) will incorporate some special Easter celebrations as well plus some of the local North Cheam shops getting involved too. So fingers crossed it will be a worthwhile event!